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Startup Founders – listen up!

Are you a startup founder in the UK or Ireland?

If yes, then this is for you!

Without secure legal foundations, your business is vulnerable to expensive legal issues.

What can you do to avoid the nightmare of losing everything and make sure that the dreams you have for your startup become a reality?

By building the right legal framework, you can build a startup that thrives for years to come!

That’s why the team at Linkilaw is giving you the opportunity to win a Founder’s Pack with document’s worth hundreds of pounds! All you have to do is book a FREE Startup Legal Session with the form below and you’ll automatically be entered in a draw to win a Founder’s Pack.

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Don’t say we don’t treat you!

We understand startups.

Not only do we get that you’re bootstrapping, we also know what you need at this stage of your journey.

To help you build your company, you’ll need a Shareholders’ Agreement.

As more and more people help with the day-to-day runnings of your startup, you’ll need a Director’s Service Agreement.

When clients interact with your business, you’ll need Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods or the provision of Services.

This is startup pack just for you, Founder of the Future. Loaded with the silver bullets against any future disputes with any Shareholders, Directors, and Clients!

If you’ve taken the leap of faith to run your own startup, Linkilaw will not only shine a light on the road ahead, but also guide you in the direction of success.

We STAND with you every step of the way. With the Founder’s Pack, for only £697, expect to get our:


A Shareholder’s Agreement is a contract between you and other owners of your company. It makes clear:

  • How many shares each owner holds.
  • Any share vesting terms.
  • Any decision-making and deadlock provisions.


A Director’s Service Agreement is a contract between you and other directors of your company. It makes clear:

  • The terms and length of the contract.
  • The director’s responsibilities.
  • The extent of authority assigned to the director.


Terms and Conditions are both a guide and a contract between your business and your customers. It’s important in case of conflict of any sort, either you or your customer can refer to it and know which steps to take. It makes clear:

  • How your business/service works.
  • What your sales and return policy is.
  • What customers can expect from you.
  • The price and payment methods.

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