The UK received 111,487 trademark
applications in 2015 – an increase of 8% on 2014.

The UK was the third largest country filer of EU trademarks
after Denmark and the USA in the same year.

The average cost of registering a trademark?

Between £250 – £1000 in the UK and £800+ for the EU.


A 2011 IPO study revealed firms that apply for trademarks are on average 7% more productive than firms that do not apply.

A startup’s brand is pivotal for attracting and retaining customers.
A trademark is essential to protecting a brand.

Make sure that you take every precaution to limit the likelihood of your trademark being rejected.

The first step?

Hire a trademark specialist.

As a business owner, you may not have the money, time or
patience to worry about whether your trademark is registered.

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How Do You Protect Your Brand?

If you want to build a nationwide reputation then you must know that your brand is vital. You must register a trademark.
Your brand, its message and unique reputation are the reasons you will attract and retain customers.

Would Coca-Cola be as popular today if, when it first came out in 1892, there were hundreds of different Coca-Cola taste-a-likes?

Would Coca-Cola’s brand still be worth $79.2 billion or Apple’s brand $98.3 billion if they did not register their trademarks?

Wait….What even is a trademark?

1. A trademark signifies legal ownership of a name, tagline or logo –  used for branding.

2. A trademark helps to distinguish a business, the brand and goods or services offered by the business.

3. Owning your trademark gives you a competitive advantage.

Before you apply to register for a trademark, consider two things:

1. Check if your brand can be trademarked in the first place.

2. Get a lawyer to conduct a trademark search.

What Exactly Can Be Trademarked?

Trademarks have to fulfill several requirements:

  • Must be used in commerce
  • Payment of fees are required for enforcement
  • Not generic, such as a noun or verb in common usage
  • Must be identified as a trademark in some countries

What Cannot Be Registered?

If a trademark becomes so public to the point it becomes generic, then the name is no longer trademarked.

By registering a trademark you have exclusive rights to the use of a trademark in the country or region
in which the trademark is filed. This prevents other people from using the trademark.

If you file for a trademark in the UK…

Where are you protected?

You guessed right – in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

There are 42 different classes of trademarks.

Trademarks are divided into two classes, goods and services.

A trademark is commonly applied to goods. For example, if you sell shoes and call them ‘Sketchers’ you could have a good trademark.

 A service mark is used for protecting branding when delivering services. For instance, if your bank offers a checking account service called “Top Flight Checking.”

A trademark or service mark can only be used by the owner. However, if you authorise someone else to use it then they are allowed to.


With the growing number of disputes among brands and those wishing to counterfeit brands increasing,
the need to register a trademark is now pivotal to ensure the success of your business.

Is A UK Trademark Registration Right For You?

If your business only operates in the UK, and you don’t plan to expand internationally, then a UK registration is the fastest and most affordable way to ensure protection.

UK registered trademarks are given on a first filed first served basis. The registration process tends to take 4 – 6 months to complete and the registration lasts for 10 years.

The Government fees (excluding legal fees) are detailed below:

Online Costs Of Filing A UK Trademark:

Offline Costs Of Filing A UK Trademark:

If the trademark doesn’t work out, Government filing fees are not refunded.

One of the most common reasons a trademark application is rejected is
because it was not drafted by a legal professional.

Maybe An EU Trademark Is The Right Fit?

A community trademark (EU trademark registration) protects your rights across the 28 member states in the EU. This kind of trademark is perfect for businesses that currently trade or may trade abroad in the future. Like the UK trademark, the same protections are given and the trademarks are also awarded on a first filed first served basis, usually within 10 months.  The EU trademark is the perfect fit for businesses wanting to have protection across the region by completing a single application.

The initial EU government fee when registering for a trademark is:

  • €850 for one class online, €1000 if you want to submit a paper copy.
  • €50 for the second class of goods and services.
  • €150 for each class above that.

How Does A Trademark Protect Your Business?

A trademark will:

li-1 Give your brand protection in the area the trademark is registered

li-2 Strengthen your branding

li-3 Deter infringers

li-4 Give you the right to use your mark on your services or goods

li-5 Give you the legal right to take action against anyone who uses your mark without your consent

How Long Does Registration Take?

clock-icon A UK trademark registration: 3 – 4 months.

clock-icon European trademark: 5 – 9 months.

clock-icon If the trademark is contested or opposed, then the registration process can take as long as it takes to resolve the trademark dispute.

clock-icon EU Trademarks are also published for opposition purposes, but this is for a non-extendable period of 3 months.

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Great news! Your Trademark has been registered.

If your trademark is contested or opposed, it will take anywhere between a month to four months for your trademark to be registered, as long as the dispute is resolved.