Trademark Attorneys

A startup’s brand is pivotal for attracting and retaining customers. Trademarking is an essential tool for the upholding of any business and their intellectual property. Getting a trademark allows you to add protection to words, logos, sounds and images, so that your business may stand out from your competitors!

Many entrepreneurs find the trademark process very difficult and time consuming. Just registering a trademark in the UK can get take 4 months and an EU trademark can take up to 10 months!

The Process For Obtaining A Trademark:

What can I trademark?

A trademark is a distinguishing sign.

Word marks: The name by which a product or service is on the market.
Device marks: Logos and labels as well as, for example, words in a special font or presented in a special layout (a logo which includes a name).
Shape marks: In certain cases, the (three-dimensional) shape of a product or packaging can be a trademark (for example a specially designed bottle of perfume).
Colour marks: In exceptional cases, even a single colour or a combination of colours can be a trademark. This is the case when people recognise a certain product or service by its colour. A well-known example are the blue gas tanks used at campsites.
Sound marks: An advertising jingle is sometimes so well known that when people hear it they immediately know what it refers to. In such cases the sound may be regarded as a trademark and eligible for registration (in the form of a musical stave).

How Does The Process Work?

  • Conduct trademark search.
  • Check if your brand qualifies as a trade mark.
  • Apply to register your trademark.
  • Respond to any objections.

Online Costs Of Filing A UK Trademark

Offline Costs Of Filing A UK Trademark

The Initial EU Government Fee When Registering For A Trademark Is:

€850 for one class online, €1000 if you want to submit a paper copy.
€50 for the second class of goods and services.
€150 for each class above that.

As a startup you can not afford to chuck your limited time and money down the drain. You will do that if you do the trademark application yourself.

That is where we at Linkilaw step in to help!

Linkilaw will listen to your questions and get you in contact with one of our specialist trademark attorneys. The trademark attorneys will take the weight and time off your shoulders! They will handle the whole trademark registration process, do searches, give you technical and strategic advice that you can understand, plus handle any problems that may arise by the UK Intellectual Property Office or third parties so that you can sleep soundly!

Linkilaw believes that the whole legal system needs more transparency. We give you an exact amount of what your specific case will cost and the time that will be required to do it. We know that being a startup means that having spare time and money is a real issue and that is why we try to keep all of our prices as low as we can. Our goal is to help you out!

No matter what questions you have, or even if it’s just a friendly and reliable ear to discuss your startup with, we have developed the Startup Legal Session, a completely FREE service.

Meet Our Lawyer Oliver!

He is the director of his intellectual property office.

He studied Intellectual Property and Competition Law at Masters level.

He has acted in more than 70 intellectual property disputes.

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As a startup we want to focus on our business, having engaged with Linkilaw has enabled us to do so by getting all our initial legal setup in place quickly and at a very competitive cost.”

Dejan Rikic, Apptitude