For The First Time In History, Tech
Companies Are The largest In The World.

Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Action!


The Tech Industry Is Full Of Dangers.

For Startups And SMEs…

Technological Development Is Full Of Opportunities And Risks.

The Opportunities are Endless.

Most businesses cannot afford and
in-house development team.

So what can you do?

You Can
Outsource It!

Businesses Have Realised Outsourcing
Is A Legitimate Business Innovation.


It Helps Them Leverage Talented
Workforces Around The World.

More Than Twice As Many Global Firms Outsourced Technological In 2016 Development Than In 2014.

In 2016, 31% of Tech Development Was Outsourced. Organisations Will Continue To Do So For The Years To Come.

BUT… There Are Lots Of Dangers.

Your Developer Could;

Steal Your Idea
Not Meet Your Expectations
Not Even Develop Your Product
They Could Even Run Away With All Your Money

The List is Endless

Over 45% Of Small Businesses Say
“Legal Disputes Had A Tangible Effect On Their Company
In Loss Of Income, Additional Costs Or Loss Of Reputation”.

But Businesses Do Not Always Run Smoothly.

Disputes When Outsourcing Work Are All Too Common
And Can Jeopardise Your Revolutionary Business.

Litigation Can Last Years.

You Need The Muhammad Ali of Legal Services In Your Corner.

Let Linkilaw Take The Legal Lead.


You’ll Get Access to the Best Boxers The UK Legal Industry Has To Offer At An Affordable Price.

  • Fast Service
  • Access to some of the brightest technology lawyers in the EU.
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Advice Tailored To Your Needs

At least 43% of SME’s look online
when they’re faced with a legal issue.

You scroll through thousands and thousands of results, trying to pick the lawyer best suited to your legal needs.

if there is a lawsuit, in which location will it be held?
Are you going to be willing to fly to the country to resolve a dispute?
Are the laws that you would normally rely upon be even enforceable against the other party in the country the developer lives in?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, you are
opening yourself up to a lot of risk.

Make sure that each stage in your technology’s
development you have the legal documents you need.

If you don’t have the legal documents you need…

You could run into any number of legal issues.

Your Developers Take Too Long

A large program can have more components than a car, and these components can interact in increasingly different ways. The majority of software developers do not meet their deadlines. If the deadline for your project is important as it may impact the amount you make in profits in that quarter, write it into your contracts.

In 2009, an Australian company hired a developer to build a database of flight information and prices they could use to sell tickets. However, they sued the web developer for delivering the product late and loss of potential profits.

The Product Is Not Up to Specification

If you do not have an outsourcing agreement or freelancer agreement which lays out the specification of your product that you expect then you can not be surprised when the developer provides you with something with a terrible UX, is slow or open to cyber attacks

They Overcharge Or Go Over Budget

If you do not have a contract in place that states what the price is per hour or per project, then you open yourself up to snowballing fees and a losing legal case.

The IP Belongs To Your Developer And Not You

When outsourcing software development, you should never assume the code provided by the service provider is 100% original. By using it without the permission of the original creator you could be violating copyright. If you want original code, you need to ensure this is emphasised to your developer when you first reach out and also when you draw up the contracts.

Another common cause of litigation is who owns the Intellectual Property of the newly developed technology?

If you have no agreement regulating IP ownership then you could open yourself to decades of litigation.

When you develop your agreement you need to ensure that you agree to one of the following:

– The client owns the IP of all outsourced relationships, with the vendors having the possibility of using the IP through a licensing agreement.
– The developer owns the technology with the client being given a license agreement through negotiations.


Our Experienced Lawyers, Specialise in:

  • Patent and licensing litigation
  • Trade secret protection and litigation
  • Non-solicitation and non-competition litigation
  • Trademark / copyright infringement
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Right to privacy claims

You should not be wasting it looking for a needle in a haystack.


  • 1 Go to or call 0203 151 0011 to submit your enquiry.
  • 2 We review your query, gather all the information and contact you if something is missing.
  • 3 We contact lawyers on your behalf and obtain the three best quotes for you.
  • 4 You receive the quotes and decide which lawyer you want to work with.
  • 5 We set up an initial free consultation so you can get started!
Why do you need it?
  • If you’re considering outsourcing or are in the midst of a legal battle, you need to ensure that you have the most cost-effective and experienced lawyer to support you.
  • Our job is to save you time and effort finding this lawyer.
  • All our lawyers are fully vetted so you can be confident their work will be good and suitable to your startup needs.
How long does it take?

We deliver 3 quotes to you within 24 hours. You can be fully briefed and up and running within 1- 2 days.

What does it cost?

Forget hourly rates, where you don’t know the true cost.

Our experienced lawyers give fixed, cost effective quotes so you can plan accordingly.

What alternatives are there?
  1. Google lawyers in your area and spend a lot of time researching and checking out the options. End up paying through the nose.
  2. Go to an expensive lawyer, and pay a lot more than other start-ups are paying through us.
  3. Put your head in the sand and do nothing.
What guarantees can you give me?
  • We guarantee a 5 star customer service.
  • All our lawyers are vetted to the Linkilaw standard.
  • If you are not happy with the lawyer, come back to us and we will link you with another.

Check Out Some Of Our Lawyers:


13+ years of experience.

Expert advisor in severely illustrious intellectual property cases. In 2007, she won £225,000 in damages for pre-contract misrepresentations in a franchise contract.

She is both a seasoned solicitor, accountant and fraud investigator.


He is a dual qualified as an English Solicitor and licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

His clients have said ‘He is an attentive, efficient and truly committed company lawyer able to achieve tangible results without inflating your bills.’

He is a Cambridge graduate


Mark is a partner in the firm’s Dispute Resolution, Brand Protection and Digital Groups

15 + years of experience.

Clients commend Mark for “always being the right mix of creative and pragmatic”

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