Workforce Issues: Should UK Workers Have The ‘Right To Disconnect?’

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It seems that this has become the way we live now: multitasking and juggling several daily grinds at once, connected and available (almost) 24/7, carrying (often unpaid) work home. With our smartphones practically sewn onto our wrists, we glimpse into our work mail inboxes when we’re taking the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood or waiting for our food …

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5 Reasons Your Startup Isn’t Attracting Investors

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It’s the end of another week and that means it’s time for Linkibuzz 33! This week, we are covering some interesting stories about the startup world, employment, and even a legal story. You’ll read about why your startup isn’t attracting interest from investors and how you can use creativity to generate publicity for your new small business. We also have …