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Lack of Skills and Funding Hold Back Startups

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For Linkibuzz 30, we have a few stories that should whet your appetite. We’ve got a story that will be appealing to any young people who are thinking of shunning the default life path of university and embracing entrepreneurship. There is some big news in the conveyancing market with a tech startup releasing the first ever cloud service for this …

Misconceptions About Setting Up A Startup

14 Common Misconceptions About Setting Up A Startup

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14 Common Misconceptions About Setting Up A Startup Thinking that you can do it better isn’t necessarily the start of a great business, and it’s hopefully only one of the personality traits that pushed you out on your own in the first place. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance; something of which we must be ever-vigilant to make …

Virgin Startup Foodpreneur Festival

Around the Web – Branson Re-run His Virgin Startup Foodpreneur Festival

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Welcome to the latest business news and advice from across the Internet this week! From a busy Sir Richard Branson’s boosting of broadband access and support of ‘foodpreneurs,’ to cautionary tales about reining in your work load – the  bustling new startup scene has not only captured our imaginations, it has taken London by storm. And, there’s a laser-like focus …

work life balance

Why Work-Life Balance Matters For Startup Owners

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If you’ve just launched a new startup, and have found yourself working 7-day weeks (nearly every week), don’t make the assumption this will stop ‘once things settle down to normal.’ This all has you wondering, when does the work-life balance I wanted start? The truth is, whether you are self-employed or launching a full-blown startup with assistants and employees, things …