The practical use of electronic signatures 3

How to use electronic signatures?

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In our technology-empowered world, consumers and businesses need to rely on modern methods for entering into binding contracts and transactions. In strange times such as these, electronic signatures can be key in keeping your business operating by allowing you to complete transactions legally without having to meet the other party in person or leaving your home. In this article, we …

Is August really an awful month for business

Is August Really An Awful Month For Business?

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August is here! Summer holidays are at their peak and most people are kicking back and having a good time. But if you’re reading this post.. ahem.. I don’t think you’re on a paradise beach drinking a mojito, but working. From a business perspective, unless you’re in the tourist business or your business sells summer products, August is usually the …


Tips For Protecting Your IP

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Recent research, published by Early Metrics, has presented some surprising (and a bit terrifying) insights regarding IP protection: four out of five European tech start-ups have no proper protection in place to stop their competitors taking their market share or stealing their IP. Additionally, this is the biggest red flag which is most likely to make investors walk away. So, …


Co-founders: Major Tips On How To Support Them

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Building a business is hard but keeping it afloat is even harder. With your co-founders, plenty of highs and plenty of lows will be experienced. That’s why taking care of the relationship among co-founders is one of the most important elements for successful startups. Here we present some tips to lead to a stronger relationship where each co-founder knows where they …

Business Dispute: Tips On Negotiation

Business Dispute: Tips on Negotiation

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Negotiation is a part of everyday life, but negotiation is even more important in case of conflict. Dispute brings up concerns about the cost of litigation, loss of reputation and loss of time and energy. In case of a dispute, negotiating might allow you to avoid these costs or, at the very least, mitigate them. What do you need to …

what your business needs to know about holiday entitlement

Your Business: Holiday Entitlement Explained

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Holiday Entitlement pay is a complicated issue for any employer. With the lighter mornings setting in and with employees and employers envisaging a hotter climate, the need to know what employees are entitled to is important. FAQ’s On Holiday Entitlement 1. Where is an employee’s annual holiday entitlement detailed? It is a requirement of section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 …