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Top 14 Tech Startup Accelerators 2015

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Startups have always been notorious for skating on thin ice. Until now. The rapidly-responsive, high tech world we live in has become a vortex (of sorts), with lenders – from banks to angel investors – being drawn into the centre. Of course, the business accelerator was the logical outcome. Accelerate /əkˈseləˌrāt/ verb; to cause to happen sooner than expected The …

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Around the Web – 5 Tips For Building A Successful Food Tech Startup

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Welcome to another exciting week in UK startup news, where small business and tech companies are at the forefront once again – and we’ve come across a few posts you shouldn’t miss. From breaking into the food tech industry to 18 handy online tools for your tech business, there’s a little something for everyone! UK Government Moves To Boost Purchases …