What it's like to be a startup in South Korea

What It’s Like To Be A Startup In South Korea (And Why You Should Consider Opening Your Business There)

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Have you read our article about what the business culture is like in North Korea? Well, just across the border might be one of the largest developing startup hubs in the world so this is what it’s like to be a startup in South Korea. Since 2013 the South Korean Government has been pledging $2.1 Billion per year to the …

Startup Of The Month

October Startup Of The Month – M.Y.O.

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October Startup Of The Month – M.Y.O. Linkilaw has chosen M.Y.O. as Octobers Startup of the Month. Samuel and Diana created M.Y.O. as a creative studio for adults wanting a break from technology and an artistic outlet for their creativity. The tech industry is a stressful place to be for creatives. Any work environment involves meeting tight deadlines, managing your …

Common Legal Mistakes Startup Founders Make While Seeking Investment Funding

Common Legal Mistakes Startup Founders Make While Seeking Investment Funding

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Seeking investment funding is not easy but it’s also a crucial way to get the capital you need to run and grow your businesses. However, there tends to be a number of common legal mistakes startup founders make while seeking investment funding that derails their efforts and can potentially destroy what they worked hard to build. So in this post, …


8 Startups Every Business Should Use: Linkilaw’s Dublin Tech Summit Round-Up Of The #Startup100

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AARRR is an acronym for ‘Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral’, and is a metrics model which every business must look at to ensure that it creates a successful relationship with it’s users – and keeps hold of it. What can a business do to make sure it attracts clients? Once clients come into contact with the business, is the …

Linkibuzz 29

Linkibuzz Edition 11

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Welcome back for another Linkibuzz!   We’ve got some great stories from around the world for you this week. Our first featured story looks at whether or not graduates should pick startups or corporations for their internships. Both come with advantages and disadvantages that graduates must consider, so make sure you read that story.   Our next story looks at …

Going Into A Business Partnership With A Friend?

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Going into a business partnership with a friend can be an exciting opportunity. Some great businesses have been built by co-owners who started off as friends.   However, before jumping into any business partnership with a friend, there are a few things you should consider so that you can start your venture together with confidence. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Decide On the Business …

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Linkibuzz Edition 7

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We’ve got some great stories from around the globe for this week’s Linkibuzz. We start off this week’s posts by exploring some of the myths and lies surrounding self-employment. The writer of this post, Liz Ryan, presents an interesting case why everyone can go down the self-employment path, so make sure you read that post. Our next post looks at …

finding a co-founder

A Guide To Finding A Co-Founder

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A common challenge many startup founders face when building a company is finding the right co-founder. Life as an entrepreneur, especially in the early stages of a business, can be lonely and exhausting. This is the reason why finding a co-founder who you can trust and who can take on the responsibilities, the joy and the sorrow of everyday workload; …