What are tag along and drag along rights in a Shareholders Agreement 1

What are tag-along and drag-along rights in a Shareholders Agreement?

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As your company grows, there comes a time when you need to consider how to protect the shareholders involved. One of the ways this can be done is through a robust Shareholders’ Agreement. This is one of the most fundamental legal documents a company can have and specifies the relationship between the shareholders and the rights and duties they have …

Are Patents The Best Option For Startups

Are patents the best option for startups?

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Every business will own some sort of intellectual property, often being one of its most valuable assets. It could be anything from the product, service, designs, creative branding or know-how. There are different ways in which you can protect your work and secrets, these are primarily through patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Are patents the best option for startups? A patent …

small business legal advice

Small Business Legal Advice: The Top Tips

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Every business needs legal support. That being said, it’s understandable why so many small businesses never consult a lawyer. Legal advice can be complicated and expensive. More often than not, small businesses just don’t have the time or money. As a small business owner, you need to know exactly what your legal responsibilities are; from business structures, to protecting your …

The Future? Artificially Intelligent Lawyers

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The world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer called ROSS was unveiled this year and hired by a law firm called Baker & Hostetler. ROSS was developed by IBM using a technology that involves natural language processing and cognitive computing technology to give lawyers evidence-based answers to their questions.   Lawyers can ask the software program questions and it will search through …

Essential Commercial Law Tips for Start-up Businesses

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Being a start-up business owner doesn’t always equal mounds of business acumen and commercial aptness. As with every other new role and line of business, it’s a learning curve for everyone involved – and that’s OK. However, some mistakes can be very expensive, potentially even fatal to your booming young business. Talent, skills and hard work is extremely important, but …

Co-Working Spaces

Co-Working Spaces: The Perfect Match For Startups

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Co-Working Spaces: The Perfect Match For Startups Sparks are flying around the UK, and we don’t mean fireworks or lightning strikes! The entrepreneurial collective has become a force of its own – literally creating a fireball of kinetic energy (which once accelerated is maintained by its own motion). [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Collaboration has been the fundamental ingredient, kick-starting everything from co-working spaces …