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Interview With Ollie Forsyth, The Budding Entrepreneurs Club

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Planting The Seeds For Startup Success: An Interview With The Budding Entrepreneurs Club’s Ollie Forsyth On The Need For Support In The Startup Scene Linkilaw has picked The Budding Entrepreneurs Club, founded by Ollie Forsyth, as July’s Startup of the Month. The Budding Entrepreneurs Club is a network of startup founders with big and disruptive ideas in The United Kingdom. …

Linkibuzz 37

Linkibuzz 37

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There was a lot of startup news for this week and we’ve found some of the most interesting and relevant stories from around the world to whet your appetite for Linkibuzz 37. We focused our first story on the ramifications of a potential British exit from the EU and how one London startup has already been affected. Then we had …

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Why Is It Important For Startups To Attend Events?

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One of the most useful practices any startup owner or entrepreneur can adopt is to attend as many relevant networking events as possible. The value you can get from such events is enormous. Communicating with like minded, motivated and active people can take your game to another level. Most networking is free and you might get some free drinks on …