When is the right time to grow your business

When Is The Right Time To Grow Your Business?

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One of the key impacts of internet fuelled trends, particularly in areas around social media, has been the seemingly urgent societal desire to “become someone”. In business we see echoes of this trend. This sense of urgency has made entrepreneurs believe that they need to get somewhere as quickly as possible with relative success being determined by the size of …

Startup launch

Startup Launch: Ten Free Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow

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Nowadays most of the people thinking on a Startup launch face the same mistake. Young entrepreneurs who have inspiring and innovative ideas think that it is impossible to create a start up without any business background or technical skills. Here is the truth: thanks to the powerful and available almost to everyone Internet, ambitious businessmen can now find a large …

preparing for growth

Preparing For Growth: How To Turn Your Startup Into A Mature Company

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by Ivan Kohut, CTO & Co-Founder of Perfectial The web is filled with advice for startups. Rules for getting funded, ways to promptly crank out an MVP – you name it; every question an aspiring businessman might have is answered in-detail, in blogs, ebooks or whitepapers. However, there’s hardly any info about what to do next. How does a firm …