How I Reached A Million Quora Views In A Few Months

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As entrepreneurs, and professionals in general, we rarely stop, take a step back and congratulate ourselves for our successes and achievements. When we fail, on the other hand, we spend days, weeks, months analysing and over-analysing our actions and decisions to see how and where we went wrong. That’s why most of us can agree: We learn more from failure …

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Linkibuzz Edition 25

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Our first story for this week’s Linkibuzz looks at bootstrapping a startup and what to do when your startup needs to get investment funding to grow. A couple of experts reveal their tips about getting funding successfully. Our second story regards London mayor Sadiq Khan and how he is travelling to some major cities in North America promoting London’s tech …

What Makes London The Perfect Location For Startups?

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In 2014, more than 500,000 new companies were created in the United Kingdom.  London is at the epicentre of it all. According to a report from Tech City UK, roughly one-sixth of the 1.46 million people employed in digital companies across the country are based in the capital. But what makes London so attractive? [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] London already has a hard-to-rival …

Business Women: What Kind of Issues Can Appear When Starting a Business

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What kind of issues do business women face when starting a business? No one can doubt that women have made great steps in the business world. There never have been more business women and female CEOs at any point in world history than right now. Nowadays, women can more easily find inspiration about entrepreneurship and launching a business by looking …

Linkibuzz Edition 18

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The first featured post this week takes a look at a great formula you can use in your next job interview to nail it and get the job. It’s simple and anyone can use it to improve their interview performance.   Our second story looks at an interesting legal development in the UK post-Brexit referendum. Pro-Leave campaigners are filing discrimination …

money management tips for small business

Money Management Tips For Small Businesses

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Money management can be a massive headache for many small business owners. In fact, many tend to have somewhat of a lazy attitude towards their finances and kind of ignore it rather than working out how to effectively manage it.   [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] However, it’s an area of your small business you can’t afford not to manage properly. If you don’t, …