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Linkibuzz Edition 22

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Welcome to the Linkibuzz Edition 22!   This week, we’ve scoured the Internet for a fresh new batch of the most relevant and interesting stories concerning of legal, entrepreneurship, and small businesses across the UK and world. Our first story reveals the scandal involving Tesco, currently facing legal action caused by the famous supermarket chain’s accounting irregularities which led to …

Fast Growth: Startups To Watch In The UK

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The UK is fast becoming recognised for its innovative start-ups revolutionising the way we travel, address climate change, and even how we do our laundry. Start-ups often demonstrate the direction an industry is heading, with popular start-ups addressing the desire for instantaneous services.   International business ambitions Research by the EE has suggested that Britain’s small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) expect international …

Linkibuzz 31

Linkibuzz Edition 19

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Welcome to Linkibuzz.   Our first featured story this week explores how meditation can be effective for creating a relaxed and more creative work culture at startups.   Our next story takes a look at an accelerator program specifically designed for the needs of startups looking to tackle unemployment and other employment barriers.   Third, we take a look at …

Flexible Working Rights for Employee

Flexible Working: Employee Rights And Your Liabilities

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It’s been over a year now since employers have been required by law to consider their employee requests for flexibility of their working hours and location. For instance, they might ask for adjusted start and finish times, or to request the option to perform certain duties from home on specific days. All workers – not just carers and parents with …