How should I avoid legal problems with employees

How should I avoid legal problems with employees?

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

You’ve been working hard to set up your business and you have finally decided it’s time to hire staff. At this stage, you probably don’t have an HR department which can help you with this responsibility, but employment regulations are complex and without even noticing you could end up in an employment lawsuit. Maintaining a healthy employee relationship is critical …

health and safety regulations

Health And Safety Regulations You Must Know In Your Company

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

Usually, you never pay attention to the yawn-inducing signs scattered throughout the corridors of a company. Remember them? Those signs that have something to do with health and safety regulations? Just a quick look at these regulations can save your life! Crazy isn’t it? Let me explain why. What Are Health And Safety Regulations? Have you ever seen or heard …

staff handbook could save your company

Be A Hands-On Employer: How A Staff Handbook Could Save Your Company

Linkilaw Company Law

How A Staff Handbook Could Save Your Company A staff handbook, or employee handbook, outlines a company’s policies and procedures. The employee handbook should be given to staff at the start of their employment to inform them of the relevant procedures and the company’s views on important issues. By giving employees this information at the start, they will be assured …