Linkibuzz Edition 10

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Welcome back for Linkibuzz #50.   We’ve got some great stories covering numerous topics from around the globe this week.   Our first featured story explores a real estate start-up that is making two very bold promises that few other companies are even willing to match. It is something that could see them dominate that industry, so check that story …

Linkibuzz 37

Linkibuzz Edition 7

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We’ve got some great stories from around the globe for this week’s Linkibuzz. We start off this week’s posts by exploring some of the myths and lies surrounding self-employment. The writer of this post, Liz Ryan, presents an interesting case why everyone can go down the self-employment path, so make sure you read that post. Our next post looks at …

Fake Customer Reviews

Amazon Targets Freelancers Peddling Fake Customer Reviews

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Welcome back for this week’s roundup of news that matters! Our post today takes a closer look at the UK’s self-employed (Sole Traders) – some things to be aware of (or watch out for) and resources from which you can benefit. Amazon Targets Web Freelancers Peddling Fake Customer Reviews What seemed like such a great idea on concept has become …