IP right protection

What IP Right Protection Do I Need To Stop Robin Thicke Stealing My Work?

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IP right protection represent one of your businesses most valuable assets and you should ensure that they are adequately protected. In March 2015, Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke were ordered to pay damages of $7.3m for copying the 1977 Marvin Gaye hit Got to Give It Up with Blurred Lines, the biggest-selling single of 2013. The fact they reportedly made …

Well managed business have Fewer Legal problems

Well Managed Businesses Have Fewer Legal Problems

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Sowing the seeds of a well-managed business, with sound policies and procedures, will reap the benefits later on. Having structured employment frameworks, customer relationship management systems and contractual agreements in place usually leads to happy employees, clients and suppliers and thus, fewer legal problems. Customers, Employees And Suppliers It clearly helps your business to profitably grow if you have the …

heads of terms

Deal Advice: You’ve Signed Heads Of Terms, So What Can Go Wrong Now?

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Signing the initial agreement to sell your business means the hard work is done, no? Well it might be worth keeping that champagne on ice for just a while longer. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] You’ve done everything they told you to do at the ‘Sort Your Exit Strategy’ seminar 2 years ago: 1. You didn’t rush to sale, you prepared properly and made …

cheap legal advice? Be careful what you wish for

Cheap Legal Advice? Be Careful What You Wish For

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Cheap Legal Advice  Online and/or cheap legal advice might be cheaper today, but could be much more costly tomorrow. But let’s make sure no-one reading this article is under any illusions about where Linkilaw stand on legal fees … Law has been far too expensive and inaccessible to consumers and for businesses, legal costs can be a huge burden. Linkilaw is a …

5 legal tips

5 Legal Tips An SME Should Take Onto A Desert Island

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Your SME set sail on that once in a lifetime cruise to something tropical, only to suffer a major collision with the accounts department of a large, non-paying customer.  And so, shipwrecked upon that desert island (OK, we do accept this is a slightly contrived introduction but hey, it’s all about the headline baby …) you start thinking about the things …

over lawyering

Has Your Business Suffered From Over Lawyering?

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Linkilaw promotes cost effective, good quality lawyers.  We aim to work with lawyers who can not only answer the nuts & bolts legal issue, but apply commercial nous and insight to the guidance they provide business owners and where/what legal advice is actually ‘needed’ at any given time. Because, from our own experience and that of many commercial customers, certain lawyers …