Chatbots: Key Legal Issues And How To Mitigate Them

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We’ve seen a significant increase in the use of chatbot technology in 2019 and we expect to see further growth in deployment and development throughout 2020. If your business is using a chatbot solution or you’re interested in implementing this technology next year, you should be aware of the legal issues associated with it and how to mitigate such issues. …

online competition

Any Legal Issues If My Business Launches An Online Competition?

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A great marketing tool to engage with customers, raise brand awareness, gather contact details and increase sales is to run an online competition.  Legal Issues In Promoting An Online Competition But there are some legal issues to bear in mind which directly impact on the legality of promotional contests, giveaways and prize draws in the UK. It is important to note …

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UK Lawyers Need More Price Transparency

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“Is The Glass Empty Or Half Full?” Imagine researching your next automobile purchase online. You start at the foundation – the safety reports – because this is for the whole family, and you want to know how it handles in traffic, in bad weather, and in the worst-case scenario, car accidents. From there you’d build your candidate list based on …

running an international business

Legal Issues To Be Aware Of When Running An International Business

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Running an international business in multiple jurisdictions is an exciting endeavor, however, there are a number of legal issues you should be aware of. Running an international business in foreign countries means that you have to comply with all relevant domestic laws if your business is about to prosper. The best advice in such situations is to consult trustworthy local …

Common legal issues for businesses

The Most Common Legal Issues For Businesses

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Any business will face legal issues at some point. An important aspect of the successful development of a business is to anticipate and tackle common legal issues in a proper and timely manner. That’s why we’ve made a list of the most common legal issues that arise for businesses. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] We want to help you have a legally healthy business …