Business Law – Cover Your Insurance Basics

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Business owners in the UK have recently seen positive changes in insurance law – notably, the introduction of the ‘Enterprise Act’, which acts upon the resolution of ‘late payment’ disputes by obligating insurance companies to settle sinister payments within ‘reasonable time’. But for this to happen, the business has to be properly insured in the first place, which leads us …

Debt Recovery – Should You Employ A Solicitor?

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It is not uncommon for a business to encounter unpaid debts from customers. Whether your business produces goods or services, there will likely be a circumstance in which you delivered a product and for some reason a customer is unable or unwilling to pay. There are a few things that you should consider before taking legal action, or before hiring …

Trying Online Dispute Resolution? Things To Know

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Online dispute resolution is a relatively new concept that has become official legislation and a legal requirement in EU member states as of January 2016. This means that many disputes with online businesses can now and must be filed online using an online dispute resolution platform. Consumers, if they have a problem with their online purchase, can file the dispute …

selling a company

Is Shareholders Approval Needed to Sell a Business?

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With so many interests to consider when selling a company, it can become a complex affair. However, the most important interest to consider is that of the shareholders as the company cannot be sold without the stockholders’ approval first.  The Rights Of Shareholders Shareholders have certain rights and privileges due to their part ownership of a company. Their rights extend into …

Debt Recovery Law – Get Your Money Back

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Unpaid invoices and fees from your clients and partners can throw your business seriously off track. The role of a creditor is far from a pleasant one: in addition to hampering your regular business operations, non-payments and delays in payment can quite dampen your professional enthusiasm. On top of it all, trying to collect money from your debtors is a …

legal guidance for startups

Why Your Startup Needs a Lawyer

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Legal Guidance For Startups Legal guidance may not be uppermost in your mind, as a new entrepreneur just putting together your first startup. After all, you’re pretty smart – you came up with a brilliant business idea, right? And, don’t you have great instincts when it comes to connecting the dots between creativity and function? You may very well be a …