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Legal Service Tenders: How To Source Lawyers For Your Panel

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You wouldn’t think twice about contract or legal service tenders when managing your portfolio of business projects – and choosing your law firm(s) shouldn’t be any different. Businesses need value for money and one way of doing this is to establish a regular legal procurement process that helps maintain high quality services and competition on fees. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Whether your business …

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How To Choose A Business Lawyer That’s Right For You: Kim Brown, Business Wand

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Throughout the years I’ve unfortunately had to use business lawyer on several accounts. I say ‘unfortunately,’ because legal proceedings have never been an enjoyable experience for me. A few times I had to seek settlements from clients, I’ve gone up in front of an employment tribunal (for unfair dismissal) and most recently, I used a lawyer to help me exit …

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What Have Commercial Property Lawyers Ever Done For Us?

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The UK is on track for a record-breaking year in commercial property investment. According to recent research figures, the European commercial property investment market has continued to gain positive momentum with transactions worth €104.9 billion in the first half of 2015. This represents a 29% increase on last year, and investment volumes for 2015 are forecast to reach €230 billion, …

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How To Find The Right Lawyer

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When you think of a lawyer, what kind of ideas come to mind? Expensive? Unsupportive? Unsympathetic? How can you find the right lawyer, one that’s different? How can you get your hands on a lawyer that understands you and your business so that you can understand your legal obligations and protect yourself from legal hassles? No worries! If you need …

Hiring A Lawyer When Caught Drinking & Driving

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According to statistics, around 100,000 drunk driving tests each year in the UK come back positive out of 500,000 breath tests conducted. This demonstrates that despite the awareness and education we have on this subject, that it’s still a big problem in our society. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img]   If you are one of these statistics, then you may think that now that …

7 Secret Things About Being an In-House Lawyer

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In-house lawyers are in the beamlight, now more needed and sought after than ever before.  From 2000-2012 in the UK, the number of in-house solicitors doubled – reaching 25,600 and increasing to 18% of the total solicitor population, as we’ve mentioned in our recent article explaining why in-house lawyers are such a hot item at the moment. If that’s a …

Why In-House Lawyers Are The Hot Item

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A report published by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) in February 2014 confirmed what has already become apparent in business circles a while back: In-house legal counsel is growing more popular, both among companies that hire lawyers and put them on the payroll, as well as legal professionals who seek business companies as a place for work. So much so, …