Why The EIS Business Angel Exemption Is The Ultimate Win-Win

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The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a HMRC tax incentive program built to incentivise investment into innovative companies that would otherwise pose a high risk to investors. EIS provides investors with generous tax relief for their investments into qualifying companies. The tax benefits include: Income Tax Relief Capital Gains Tax Deferral Capital Gains Tax Exemption Loss Relief. Put simply, EIS …

SEIS and EIS Investment Schemes

SEIS and EIS – Seed Entreprise Investment Scheme

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Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) are generous tax incentive scheme created to encourage seed investment in early stage businesses. The SEIS offers both income tax and capital gains tax relief to qualifying investors who subscribe for shares in qualifying companies. The interested parties may contact HMRC who will assess whether a company is eligible under the …

fundraising for startups

Fundraising For Startups: How, Where, When?

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Raising funds is a complex part of the business cycle. Here’s what you need to know about fundraising for startups. Combining years of experience as an entrepreneur and now immersed in that startup to scale-up stage with my current venture, one thing’s clear; every small, startup and early stage business is cash-hungry. What separates the success stories from the less-so …