Steps to Take to Claim Professional Negligence

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There is nothing more frustrating than hiring an expert for an important task, then seeing the entire thing go up in smoke due to his or her professional negligence. If you’ve solicited the help of a professional recently, (whether it’s a lawyer, doctor, real estate agent, accountant, tax/financial adviser, architect, etc.) but felt that you received sub-par service that caused …

How To Hire International Students And Graduates

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There’s no doubt a multicultural and international team of employees can add a lot of value to your company: A multitude of different experiences, viewpoints and languages within a team has been shown to boost creativity in the workplace and offer various approaches and perspectives on all kinds of business problems a firm may be facing. Not to even mention …

Linkibuzz Edition 10

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Welcome back for Linkibuzz #50.   We’ve got some great stories covering numerous topics from around the globe this week.   Our first featured story explores a real estate start-up that is making two very bold promises that few other companies are even willing to match. It is something that could see them dominate that industry, so check that story …

hiring through social media

Thinking Of Hiring Through Social Media Platforms? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Find The Right Person For The Job

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It used to be the case that social media platforms were the place to take a closer look potential job candidates. Usually, all it took was that one compromising photo at a party to send their resume tumbling to the bottom of the rubbish bin. Now, what we’re seeing is companies hiring through social media and finding great talent using …

Employee Referrals

Around the Web – Employee Referrals More Likely To Result In Successful Hires

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Welcome back to another busy week in review for UK business owners and entrepreneurs! It seems technology is capturing the nation’s headlines (and ours) this week – with QR digital tracing, and cabled roads soon to be tested in Britain which can recharge an electric vehicle’s batteries when driven over. Of course, it’s always news when a heralded Google employee …