IR35 Everything freelancers need to know

IR35: Everything Freelancers Need To Know

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

New rules on how off-payroll consultants are treated are coming into force in April 2020, sending shockwaves to freelancers in all industries. Private sector employers who have seen this change coming have already taken steps to renegotiate working arrangements with their freelance workers; others are simply not aware of their new tax responsibilities. But if you’re an independent contractor or …

outsourcing work to freelancers

Are You Using Legal Best Practices For Outsourcing Work To Freelancers

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

Outsourcing is all the rave at the moment. Businesses are now outsourcing work to freelancers more than ever before. Businesses are outsourcing work to freelancers because it is a great way to delegate specific tasks to others who are perhaps more qualified than they are. Other reasons are that they don’t have the time to do that specific task themselves …