How DIY wills go wrong and how to fix them

When DIY Wills Go Wrong And How To Fix Them

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The internet has made it easier than it’s ever been for people to access legal services. Over the last decade, accessing legal documents has seen a growth amongst online users. There are many dangers and pitfalls with using such online downloadable templates. However, these issues don’t always stop people who are looking for the cheapest option even if it means …

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What Is A “Children Scheme” In Family Disputes?

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What Is A “Children Scheme” In Family Disputes? Family disputes are perhaps the most painful and delicate of all, which is why most people want to take the quickest and simplest road to their legal resolution. To that effect, this July IFLA (The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators) has launched the so-called “Children Scheme” developed by a team of leading …

long term fostering

Where Can Family Law Improve On Long Term Fostering?

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Where Can Family Law Improve On Long Term Fostering? Do you know the difference between adoption and long-term fostering? It’s simple, yet creates a substantial difference from a legal standpoint. Not all children who are living away permanently from their birth families want to be adopted. In such case, they go into long-term foster care until they’re adults. Basically, foster …

Wills And Second Spouses: What You Need To Know

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Most people think that once they get a will legally drafted and written up, then everything they have stipulated in the will applies legally. However, most people don’t consider the ramifications a second spouse can have on a will and how those assets are passed onto children. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] The reality is that if you have a second spouse now and …

Men In Divorce: Are They Unfairly Represented In Family Courts?

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A US law firm firm catering to male-only clientele is now representing clients in the UK. Cordell & Cordell has been representing male clients in the US since the 1990s. Chief executive, Joseph E. Cordell says that his services are about making divorce more equal, stating, “Men are still unfairly represented in family courts in the UK.” [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] The debate …

Steps to an Amicable Divorce

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Divorce is a difficult situation that many couples find themselves having to endure. If a couple decides that a divorce is the best way to resolve their differences, there are a few steps that must be taken. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] The legal steps towards divorce are simple:   Step 1: File for a Divorce Petition Any party wishing to seek a divorce …