Quick guide to employment contracts

Quick guide to employment contracts

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An employment contract is the legal form of the relationship between employee and employer. There is no strict requirement that the contract be in writing, and it does not have to take the form of a long, complicated legal document. English law does require employers to provide a written statement of employment within two months of them starting work. Crucially, …

Consulting Vs Employing – What Is The Difference?

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When you start your own business, it is important to make sure that you have the right contracts for the people who work for you. The status is essential. People you employ and those you consult have completely different rights and obligations. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] How do you avoid being sued for unfair dismissal or wrongful termination? Make sure you understand and …


What Are Contracts And Why You Need Them?

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Contracts usually do not enjoy the most appealing of reputations. Many people regard contracts and legalese in general as boring, complex and vapid, yet a necessary hassle one has to go through in today’s spick-and-span society plastered with procedures and rules. In today’s blog post, we’ll put into the spotlight the main reasons why contracts are actually a very good …

key legal issues facing small businesses

Key Legal Issues Facing Small Businesses

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We know that owning and running a small business can be a very rewarding experience.  However, running a small business comes with a lot more responsibility than what you’d experience as a regular run of the mill employee. You’ve got the overhead costs of running the business, employee management, marketing the business, and you’ve got legal issues. The legal issues …