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Thinking Of Hiring Through Social Media Platforms? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Find The Right Person For The Job

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It used to be the case that social media platforms were the place to take a closer look potential job candidates. Usually, all it took was that one compromising photo at a party to send their resume tumbling to the bottom of the rubbish bin. Now, what we’re seeing is companies hiring through social media and finding great talent using …

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Line In The Sand: Your Employees And Social Media

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The lure of social media is a strong one nowadays, and it has firmly planted itself in the middle of our everyday lives. From online resumes and networking (LinkedIn) to sharing favorite photos (Pinterest); from connecting with friends (Facebook) to adding your ‘two cents’ (Twitter) – the Internet has crept into our personal space in a big way. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] If …