Work after the lockdown ends: legal considerations

Work after the lockdown ends: Legal considerations

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Over the last few weeks, we have seen the lockdown restrictions eased in the UK and some people have been encouraged to go back to work. However, questions still remain regarding health and safety and the actions that employers must take to prepare for a post-lockdown workplace. Below we discuss what employees and employers can do when returning to work. …

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Brief guide to employers 1

What employers need to know about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

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The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is one of the measures introduced by the Government to assist businesses in this time of difficulty and uncertainty. The Scheme provides a great opportunity for employers to retain employees that would otherwise be redundant, preventing greater hardship and uncertainty for workers and businesses alike. Under the scheme, employees temporarily cease work for the employer, …

Written Statement Of Employment Particulars

Written Statement Of Employment Particulars: What’s Changing?

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April tends to be a busy time in the year where employers are usually required to implement or modify something in line with any new legislation. But 2020 is expected to be more hectic than normal with a large number of new regulations being in place. One of these will apply to the written statement of employment particulars and therefore, affecting …

The Downfalls of Zero-Hour Contracts

The Downfalls of Zero-Hour Contracts

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With the offered benefit of added flexibility in time and finance-related matters, it isn’t a wonder that there are more than a million individuals in zero-hour contracts.     Zero-hour contracts are a type of contract that you can make use of should you want to have a more casual relationship with a potential employee. I say “casual” because of the …

How should I avoid legal problems with employees

How should I avoid legal problems with employees?

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You’ve been working hard to set up your business and you have finally decided it’s time to hire staff. At this stage, you probably don’t have an HR department which can help you with this responsibility, but employment regulations are complex and without even noticing you could end up in an employment lawsuit. Maintaining a healthy employee relationship is critical …

What’s the appropriate use of Zero hours Contracts?

What’s The Appropriate Use Of Zero Hours Contracts?

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News brief! You’ve probably seen Uber and Lyft in the news a lot recently. Just incase you haven’t, they’ve been fighting a legal back and forth following a state assembly vote in favour of a three-point system for classifying California workers as either employees or independent contractors. Recent emergence of Gig Economy businesses, where the job market offers “temporary positions …

employee handbook

10 Reasons You Need An Employee Handbook

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For any forward thinking company, an employee handbook is of the utmost importance. Think of it like a corporate Bible, a piece of content that lets workers know what’s required of them. It’s the rule of law, a document that wrests control from the untamed masses, exerting corporate influence and order. Well, something like that. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] The handbook should detail your startup’s laws …