Employment Law: When Is It Discrimination?

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There has been a lot of progress made in the last couple decades regarding equal opportunity and rights for all workplace employees. However, employment discrimination is still a problem in our society. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] This is partly because of the increased gender equality in the workplace and also cultural diversity; therefore, differences and misunderstandings can sometimes occur between employers and employees. …

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Why Whistleblowers Are Protected By Law

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Everyone has secrets, and some are more obviously guarded than others. Unfortunately, powerful institutions (such as governments and complex corporations) get caught up in a tangled web, thinking that they need to protect the public from things they are ‘better off not knowing.’ [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Shady practices, high level incompetence, or outright criminality are things that these organisations have a special …

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Walking the Discrimination Tightrope in Business

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Not only is discrimination a ‘hot topic,’ but it brings to mind dozens of different interpretations; depending on the day, the context, one’s culture and personal beliefs. It’s a word which strikes terror in the hearts of some, and revulsion in the minds of those disturbed by its very existence. Is it any wonder that our workplaces could also be …