stem and disruption

How STEM And Disruption Work Together

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One of the hardest parts of jumping into the technology scene is keeping up with the ‘tech talk.’ Like what is STEM? What does disruption mean these days? How do they work together? And, most importantly – why the heck should you care? The answers are especially important to entrepreneurs in the startup marketplace. So, we put together this clever …

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Creating Great Companies Starts With Stripping Out Fear

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Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting a lot of emphasis on digital disruption. It’s a subject that keeps coming up in the news, because it’s important. There are disruptive seminars and conventions, and the impact on startups and established businesses alike is pretty impressive. Linkilaw has begun its own coverage of digital disruption by publishing a new …

Digital Disruption

Why Digital Disruption Is Good For Your Business

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Two words we probably never expected to be used in tandem – digital and disruption – have now become something of a trend. Much more than a new catch phrase though, ‘digital disruption’ can actually be quite alarming when fully comprehended as a market risk. Just as our way of life will never be the same – since the advent …