The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Brief guide to employers 1

What employers need to know about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

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The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is one of the measures introduced by the Government to assist businesses in this time of difficulty and uncertainty. The Scheme provides a great opportunity for employers to retain employees that would otherwise be redundant, preventing greater hardship and uncertainty for workers and businesses alike. Under the scheme, employees temporarily cease work for the employer, …

Coronavirus and force majeure Contractual Implications for Businesses

Coronavirus And Force Majeure Clause For Business

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Travel restrictions, event cancellations, and sick and self-isolating workforces due to the impact of COVID-19 are causing difficulties for businesses across the globe and in the UK, many of which are now unable to perform contracts in the manner agreed with their contractual counterparties. What recourse may you have if your contracts are affected? Force majeure clause  The first consideration …