professional negligence claims

Protect Yourself From Professional Negligence Claims

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

When you contact a professional advisor, you expect them to approach your business affairs with care and skill. Even professionals make mistakes – and sometimes these can adversely impact your business with disastrous results. Only last week we learnt that BP will pay $18.7 billion for its gross negligence which resulted in the 2010 Gulf Oil spill. Clients expect high …

constructive dismissal claims

Protect Your Business Against Constructive Dismissal Claims

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

Constructive dismissal claims takes place when an employee is forced to leave the job as a result of their employer’s conduct. The employee must prove that the employer committed a serious breach of contract and that they felt forced to leave because of that breach and that they have not done anything to indicate that they have accepted this breach …

what happens if my business is subject to a hse investigation

An Inspector Calls: What Happens If My Business Is Subject To A HSE Investigation?

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

HSE inspectors have the right to enter any facility without prior notice so if an HSE inspector comes knocking, best not to try and put him off as this is likely to send out all the wrong signals. If you’re following HSE regulations and standards, there should be nothing to worry about when the inspector calls – in fact, you …

retained fee agreement

Should Your Business Have A Retained Fee Agreement With Your Lawyer?

Linkilaw Company Law, Legal Advice

Even within the relatively short life span of Linkilaw, we’ve seen a significant shift in consumer expectations with commercial legal services and in particular, how to control costs. The traditional timed billing model worked well for lawyers, able to shift commercial risk onto the shoulders of clients, who were then at risk of paying for their lawyers inefficiencies. But with …

Most Common International Commercial Law Issues

Linkilaw Company Law

In today’s globalised economy, cross-border trade is in its peak levels. An overwhelming amount of goods is constantly travelling throughout the world in this very minute. While this practice creates billions of pounds of revenue every day, it also provides a lot of work for lawyers. International commercial law involves numerous transactions, which lead to conflicts and disputes. The main …

Legal pitfalls to avoid for startups

4 Legal Pitfalls And How Your Startup Can Avoid Them

Linkilaw Startup Advice & Tips

When stepping on unknown ground, especially if you have found yourself alone in the entrepreneurial jungle, it’s easy to fall into legal pitfalls. Luckily, this is the age of superfluous and readily accessible information that you can arm yourself with on your path to professional success. If you can experience all the benefits of learning from a mistake, without having …

Business Plan

Is Your Business Plan Legally Watertight?

Linkilaw Company Law

For everyone trying to make it as an entrepreneur or business owner, a proper business plan is like a spring board towards great professional heights. A lot of thought goes into developing one that’s right for your company. Plus, the startup market is getting increasingly competitive, so you have to do your homework really well! Firstly, examine your own strengths, …

Legal best practices for your startup

A Crash Course In Legal Best Practices For Your Startup

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The influx of new startups on today’s market is a testament to many creative, ingenious minds devising revolutionary products, services and business models. No matter how many are already out there, there’s always room for one more outstanding startup – and yours can be that one. But regardless of how brilliant your idea is, it takes much more hard work …

uk business move

How To Move Your Company To The UK

Linkilaw Business Structures, Company Law, Startup Advice & Tips

It’s not exactly a secret that the United Kingdom is one of the strongest magnets for startups and SMEs looking to move their headquarters to a more business friendly environment. With our tech hubs getting so much international attention, and ‘big-deal’ companies establishing themselves within our borders, it was inevitable that global entrepreneurs would show interest. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Due Diligence Matters …

whistleblowers law

Why Whistleblowers Are Protected By Law

Linkilaw Employee Regulations

Everyone has secrets, and some are more obviously guarded than others. Unfortunately, powerful institutions (such as governments and complex corporations) get caught up in a tangled web, thinking that they need to protect the public from things they are ‘better off not knowing.’ [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] Shady practices, high level incompetence, or outright criminality are things that these organisations have a special …