10 Tips for naming your business

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While our beloved Shakespeare penned that ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’ the name you choose for a business must be consistent, unique and memorable unto itself. You should love it, and hope your customers will as well. And, if they identify it with a friendly company, they will share the news with others and your …

commercial law

Commercial law is essential for your success

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Commercial law is one of the most important legal areas of your business. This area of law deals with matters relating to commerce and trade between businesses and consumers, and it also reaches out into areas of employee contracts, business contracts, financial transactions and more. Most businesses engage in commerce with their customers without really giving any thought to the …

commercial lease

How To Avoid Mistakes With Your Commercial Lease

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Leasing a commercial space for your business has very little resemblance to renting a home. Both the landlord and tenant have varied obligations, with the leaseholder taking on more responsibilities than you would see in a dwelling contract. If this is your first startup, be sure to check out our post on early-stage support and advice as well. Once you …