Sell Your Company

Reasons Why You Might Want To Sell Your Company

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Selling your company is not something that should be taken lightly. Before you sell your business you should think deeply about why you want to sell your company and how it will impact your life if you decide to do so. Whether you’re an innovative emerging tech company with Silicon Valley aspirations or a family run bakery, the process of …

Entrepreneurs Relief

Entrepreneurs Relief: What is it? Who does it affect?

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Overview of Entrepreneurs Relief: Entrepreneurs Relief is a capital gains tax benefit available to business owners, partners, and some shareholders. In most circumstances, company owners who sell residential property have to pay a 28% tax on the gains made in that sale. Other assets that are sold will have a capital gains tax of 20%. Those eligible for Entrepreneurs Relief …


10 Signs That You and Your Co-Founders Are In Alignment

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Co-founders are key for the success of a business but many founders overlook the importance of building a great team and fall into the trap of working with and employing people who might initially support their idea but who in time, are not the right fit or don’t bring the right skills. Consequently, it is important to conduct proper vetting …

Co-founders Fall out

5 Reasons Why Co-founders Fall Out

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A remarkable statistic to throw your way… “65% of high-potential startups fail due to co-founders fall out” This statement was made by Noam Wessman, Harvard Business School Professor and author of The Founder’s Dilemma who states that co-founders fall out for many reasons, such as money, business strategy, and leadership. A simple solution to this problem is to create a …

9 Common Mistakes Made About GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance: 9 Common Mistakes

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Having helped 000’s of businesses and hosted multiple events, we put the question to our team … what are some typical assumptions being made about GDPR compliance … As we’re 9 days away from D-Day … we’ve selected 9 common mistakes made about GDPR compliance …. 1. Non EU Companies Assume GDPR Compliance Is Not Relevant To Them This legislation is …

remain with the same law firm

Why It’s Not Always Sensible To Remain With The Same Law Firm

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Sticking with what you know is not always a good idea. If your current legal team are not delivering on value, cost and expertise then it’s time to think about reviewing your legal strategy. Law firms have radically changed over the last few years, with many braving the economic downturn by offering a more integrated approach to legal services delivery. …

partnership in business

It’s Not All About You: Recognising The Power Of Partnership In Business

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When you’re a start-up, you often find yourself doing everything yourself: you call the shots in the boardroom, you run the accounts, you’re the sales force, the marketing team and you’re probably the one who empties the bins at the end of the day. That’s just the way it is when you’re launching your dream. If you want to grow …

Startups of 2016

The 12 Coolest Startups Of 2016

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In the UK alone there are expectations that more than 600,000 new startups launched in 2016. With numbers like these getting larger every year, it can be very hard to to keep up with all the new businesses that are starting up. The greatest startups can easily get lost in the mix. Rest assured, we’ve done the work for you.  …

vested shares

Vested shares: How to make the most of them

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In the US, share vesting is a practice which legally exists and is common among businesses. On the other hand, in the UK vesting shares is not a widespread practice. Any UK business has to specifically write share-vesting clauses into contracts explicitly and in detail, as the process is not well known in the UK. What are Vested Shares? Vesting …