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Business Valuations: It’s Not The Size Of The Ship, It’s The Motion In The Ocean

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Business Valuations It’s Not The Size Of The Ship, It’s The Motion In The Ocean Clearly, there are occasions when out of necessity you need Business Valuations – bank request, shareholder exit – but, the majority of business valuations are generated with an eye to exit, or an advisor trying to convince you to sign their sale mandate. And there’s an …

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5 Ways To Help Your Business Manage Cyber Risk

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Removing geographical borders as a result of advancements in digital technology is great for business but, according to a recent government report, 81% of large UK businesses and 60% of small companies suffered a cyber risk last year. Latest figures indicate that data breaches have become more frequent with 74% of small organisations and 90% of large enterprises being affected …

7 reasons your profitable business might not sell

7 Reasons Your Profitable Business Might Not Sell

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  You’ve got an established and profitable business but have decided (or been forced to decide) to sell. Well, don’t book that celebratory Caribbean cruise just yet. Business owners often misjudge the challenges and obstacles between wanting to sell and achieving exit indeed, many fail to understand the reasons why they might struggle to sell the business at all. Here’s …

10 Quick Tips About Preparing Business Documents

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Your business documents are some of the most important aspects of your work. They need to be clear, well-prepared, and thorough. However, one of the biggest frustrations for any client or anyone reading your documents is vague text and unclear ideas. These errors all contribute to readability. The less readable a document is, the less-than-desired impact it’s going to have. …

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Around The Web – Advice About SME Funding And Restrictive Covenants

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This week we’ve discovered 5 posts floating around the blogosphere – loaded with great business insight and ideas. There’s advice about SME funding and restrictive covenants, and how-to’s for picking a winning business name. Building a happy workforce and finding the perfect location for your business are included. Happy reading! How can a Restrictive Covenant be Enforced? Restrictive Covenant: Is …