Debt Recovery Law – Get Your Money Back

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Unpaid invoices and fees from your clients and partners can throw your business seriously off track. The role of a creditor is far from a pleasant one: in addition to hampering your regular business operations, non-payments and delays in payment can quite dampen your professional enthusiasm. On top of it all, trying to collect money from your debtors is a …

10 Legal Tips for Starting Your Startup

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Starting your own startup can be a daunting affair. There are many things you need to organise before you get started making the whole process seem incredibly overwhelming. You’ve got funding issues, finding and hiring staff, finding office space, and many other issues that arise. “The foundation of every new thing, be it a business or any other thing, determines …

Is Your Business Infrastructure Secure?

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A solid business infrastructure is vital for building a successful business. Just like anything else that requires a solid infrastructure, businesses without this will struggle to thrive. So what does having a business infrastructure mean? And what does it entail specifically? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in this post. Once you’ve finished reading this post you’ll know exactly …

eBook for entrepreneurs

eBook: Entrepreneurs At Work – Business Starting Point

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You’re a busy bee. With a lot on your plate. And a lot of balls to juggle. Pretty much ‘standard operating mode’ for entrepreneurs-at-work, right? [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img]   Of course, with so much on your mind, it’s easier than you think to miss a few beats. Okay, so you have your checklist, or scattered post-its, or stacks of to-do lists, or …

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Choosing the best legal business structure

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One of the fundamental choices you will make, as you take your business idea from concept to launch, is what type of legal business structure is best. This needs to be considered for both the industry you’re entering, and the individuals who may become partners or co-owners. In our experience liability is an issue many fail to consider carefully when …