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Linkibuzz Edition 22

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Welcome to the Linkibuzz Edition 22!   This week, we’ve scoured the Internet for a fresh new batch of the most relevant and interesting stories concerning of legal, entrepreneurship, and small businesses across the UK and world. Our first story reveals the scandal involving Tesco, currently facing legal action caused by the famous supermarket chain’s accounting irregularities which led to …

Business Women: What Kind of Issues Can Appear When Starting a Business

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What kind of issues do business women face when starting a business? No one can doubt that women have made great steps in the business world. There never have been more business women and female CEOs at any point in world history than right now. Nowadays, women can more easily find inspiration about entrepreneurship and launching a business by looking …

Linkibuzz 31

Linkibuzz Edition 19

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Welcome to Linkibuzz.   Our first featured story this week explores how meditation can be effective for creating a relaxed and more creative work culture at startups.   Our next story takes a look at an accelerator program specifically designed for the needs of startups looking to tackle unemployment and other employment barriers.   Third, we take a look at …

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Lessons From The Epic Fails Of Well-Funded Startups

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Welcome back to another Linkibuzz post. We’ve got some big stories from around the world this week. The biggest story of all is the Panama Papers leak and what it reveals about companies and super-rich individuals seeking to avoid paying tax. We’ve also got an interesting story about how AI could be used to improve and boost marketing and sales …

AI In The Courtroom: A Closer Look At AlphaGo

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Go Baby, Go Go Go: what AlphaGo can teach us about AI in the courtroom. Last March, AlphaGo, a computing program pioneered by Google’s DeepMind research team, was pitted against Lee Sedol in a face-off watched live by hundreds of millions around the world (60 million watched it in China alone). The game was Go, an ancient Chinese game of …

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Around the Web – Business Technology: 5 Small Business Startup Ideas

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest buzz in startup ingenuity and business technology. The past several days, we’ve seen students of varied ages leaving their mark on our society – from a graduate student’s intuitive ‘smart’ glove that lets us communicate with those unable to speak, to a young clockmaker’s inventiveness-gone-awry causing a global uproar in his defence. …

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Around the Web – Protecting Buyers From Low Quality Digital Goods

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It’s that time again (smile) for another quick tour through a week of top posts of interest, both around the web and here at Linkilaw! Our first post takes on the landmark Consumer Rights Act, protecting buyers from unscrupulous purveyors of low quality digital goods – an important step in getting a bit of control over our cyberspace. UK Consumer …

Virgin Startup Foodpreneur Festival

Around the Web – Branson Re-run His Virgin Startup Foodpreneur Festival

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Welcome to the latest business news and advice from across the Internet this week! From a busy Sir Richard Branson’s boosting of broadband access and support of ‘foodpreneurs,’ to cautionary tales about reining in your work load – the  bustling new startup scene has not only captured our imaginations, it has taken London by storm. And, there’s a laser-like focus …

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Around the Web – Winning Smart Technology With A Social Purpose

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Welcome to this week’s roundup of intriguing startup and small business news! Today, we’re focusing on energetic new entrepreneurs on the UK scene and their tech-related companies. And, while we’re on the subject of startups, if you’re looking for help with a business starting point, or the logistics of a startup, be sure to check out these new ebooks! [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] …

Employee Referrals

Around the Web – Employee Referrals More Likely To Result In Successful Hires

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Welcome back to another busy week in review for UK business owners and entrepreneurs! It seems technology is capturing the nation’s headlines (and ours) this week – with QR digital tracing, and cabled roads soon to be tested in Britain which can recharge an electric vehicle’s batteries when driven over. Of course, it’s always news when a heralded Google employee …