impact of the energy bill on businesses

Impact Of The Energy Bill On Businesses

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Impact Of The Energy Bill On Businesses The Energy Bill is designed to boost low-carbon investment and support global action on climate change. It was confirmed in today’s Summer Budget that the government is ditching its target to increase the level of environmental taxes. This will be welcome news to businesses. The government also repeated its objectives to develop a …

how is climate change affecting uk businesses

How Is Climate Change Affecting UK Businesses?

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Climate change and energy are key areas for the new Parliament: the Queen’s speech flagged up the importance of collaborating with other nations to overcome global climate change and the release of a new Energy Bill to optimise energy security in the UK. So, how is climate change affecting UK businesses?  The notes to the Queen’s speech expanded on this …

energy efficiency and renewable power

Is The Government Sending Mixed Messages To Businesses On Energy Efficiency And Renewable Power?

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Drax, the owner of the country’s biggest single power station, has pulled out of an ambitious plan to build a £1bn prototype plant to capture carbon from a coal-fired power station. “The decision is based purely on a drastically different financial and regulatory environment and we must put the interests of the business and our shareholders first,” said Drax. This follows …

crowd justice has arrived

Crowd Justice Has Arrived And You Need To Get Involved

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Crowd Justice: Innovation In Legal Crowdfunding To Bridge The Justice Gap At Linkilaw We Share The View That A Fundamental Cornerstone Of The Law Is That Access To Justice Should Be Available To All. And that’s just what Crowd Justice are doing. About Crowd Justice Headed by Julia Salasky, a former UN lawyer and City firm Linklaters associate, CrowdJustice is the …

artificial intelligence and the job market

A.I Phone Home: Artificial Intelligence And The Job Market

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“AI will become smarter, resulting in more and more humans pushed out of the job market. Before you know it, billions of people are useless, not by chance but because they have nothing to offer to the world of work.” – Yuval Noah Harari,  Hebrew University of Jerusalem Professor     Everyone is scared that robots will replace their jobs in the …

Startups of 2016

The 12 Coolest Startups Of 2016

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In the UK alone there are expectations that more than 600,000 new startups launched in 2016. With numbers like these getting larger every year, it can be very hard to to keep up with all the new businesses that are starting up. The greatest startups can easily get lost in the mix. Rest assured, we’ve done the work for you.  …

Linkibuzz 38

Linkibuzz Edition 28

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Welcome to the latest Linkibuzz! Let’s begin this week’s roundup on a very positive note with our first story! Despite the market turbulence hitting hard on the UK this year, the majority of small businesses stood strong in face of economic uncertainty. Nonetheless, caution is always advised, as recent reports show that the increase in businesses rates may drive some …

Linkibuzz 29

Linkibuzz Edition 27

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Here we meet again with another bundle of fresh business and entrepreneurship news before you! Today, we will look into three major success stories: one regarding a multi-billion app coveted by younger millennials, the second about a particularly resourceful UK town, and the third dealing with a sensational success story from an ex-city worker. Lastly, we look into the most …

startup new business in uk

Linkibuzz Edition 26

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And welcome to this week’s Linkibuzz! The entire world is still buzzing about Donald Trump getting elected as the 45th President of the United States, but we are not going to add our straw on the camel’s back. Instead, we are about to look the other way from the storm – at least for the time being. In case you …

What The Housing And Planning Act Means For Landlords

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The Housing and Planning Act, passed in May of 2016, changed many things in the housing market. This post focuses on the changes that were made that will impact landlords, and what landlords can expect moving forward. Note, the Housing and Planning Act only applies within England. When laws change, it can be hard to keep up with the new …