Top 10 Places To Start A New Business

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  So you’ve got a great idea to start a new business and you want to make sure you’ve pulled out all the stops to your soon-to-be success. Your product or service is innovative and thorough; your marketing strategy is well-thought out based on current market research; your price is affordable enough for the customer, yet profitable enough for you. …

know your industry

Starting A Business? Know Your Industry First

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One of the golden rules of marketing and business is to know your industry and your audience first. One of the main reasons a business will fail is because its owners don’t know their own industry. You need to have an in-depth knowledge and analysis of the industry you’re in if you’re going to succeed. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] So how do you …

Marketing ideas

Finding Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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Last time we checked, there was no GPS device for business decisions. Ask your smartphone which direction to go in your marketing choices, and it’ll reply, “We don’t seem to be navigating anywhere.” (Ouch). That’s because GPS (and smartphones) can’t help you. Like an old-fashioned road map, you have to figure out how to promote your business by yourself. And, …