7 Secret Things About Being an In-House Lawyer

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In-house lawyers are in the beamlight, now more needed and sought after than ever before.  From 2000-2012 in the UK, the number of in-house solicitors doubled – reaching 25,600 and increasing to 18% of the total solicitor population, as we’ve mentioned in our recent article explaining why in-house lawyers are such a hot item at the moment. If that’s a …

Start a business

Starting a Business: 3 Things You Need to Know – Linkilaw

Linkilaw Startup Advice & Tips

Starting a business means a lot of decision making and we know that sometimes it can be hard to prioritise or even know where to begin. Here we need to know things needed for starting a business. Startups are exciting propositions and we get you are keen to launch. In this post though, we urge you to begin by putting in place …