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Mama Always Said Startup Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates – Startup Tips

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Mama Always Said Startup Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get Creating a startup is exciting but it’s also very tough. Succeeding will require smarts and the best startup tips so you can get ahead. You might have a vision and a plan for your startup, but you must be willing to adapt and …

what does ip law say about social media influencers

What Does IP Law Say About Social Media Influencers? – Linkilaw

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Weren’t We Always Told Not To Follow Strangers? Well, Social Media Influencers Are A Different Kettle Of Fish The era that we live in, labeled by many as an information revolution, has brought along many new challenges that aren’t always easy to understand. For example, the figures of ‘social media influencers’ did not exist a decade ago, and its role …

vested shares

Vested Shares: How To Make The Most Of Them

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This paper is based on the law of the UK as of 23 November 2016. It should not be taken as legal advice but as an introduction into Vested Shares, the legal requirements of owning Vested Shares, and Vested Shares tax. In the US, share vesting is a practice which legally exists and is common among businesses. On the other …


How I Reached A Million Quora Views In A Few Months

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As entrepreneurs, and professionals in general, we rarely stop, take a step back and congratulate ourselves for our successes and achievements. When we fail, on the other hand, we spend days, weeks, months analysing and over-analysing our actions and decisions to see how and where we went wrong. That’s why most of us can agree: We learn more from failure …

ip rights while interviewing

How To Protect Your IP Rights While Interviewing

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How To Protect Your IP Rights While Interviewing The job-interviewing process is as stressful as it is exciting, especially for the prospective employee in today’s highly competitive market. The stakes are high for the employer, too: The recruitment process is an expensive and time-consuming one, although even this pales in comparison to the cost, time, and effort involved in training …

staff handbook could save your company

Be A Hands-On Employer: How A Staff Handbook Could Save Your Company

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How A Staff Handbook Could Save Your Company A staff handbook, or employee handbook, outlines a company’s policies and procedures. The employee handbook should be given to staff at the start of their employment to inform them of the relevant procedures and the company’s views on important issues. By giving employees this information at the start, they will be assured …

Founders: Know Your Duties And Your Risk

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Every director, when founding a business, wants to grow their business into a successful and stable enterprise. To achieve this, a strong legal foundation should be put in place, which includes knowing your duties as a director. Director duties outline obligations owed by members of the board of directors to the corporation that employs them. It is an essential part …

business stationery compliance

What You Need To Know About Business Stationery Compliance

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What You Need To Know About Business Stationery Compliance Business stationery can be a great way to stay professional and creative when developing your business. Most letterheads include the names of directors, the place of registration and the company’s and its directors’ contact details. However, there are legal requirements in place outlining what should be included on stationery and where. …

Employment Law: When Is It Discrimination?

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There has been a lot of progress made in the last couple decades regarding equal opportunity and rights for all workplace employees. However, employment discrimination is still a problem in our society. This is partly because of the increased gender equality in the workplace and also cultural diversity; therefore, differences and misunderstandings can sometimes occur between employers and employees. Regardless, …