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Why You Should Start Your Business in UK?

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And we’re back, with another roundup of intriguing posts we hope will spark your imagination! We thought that sharing some examples the UK is setting for the rest of the world would be uplifting, from improving economics to Smart Pavements with free WiFi. And, to reduce your stress (and improve your posture) there’s a new comfort item – the reclining …

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Top 14 Tech Startup Accelerators 2015

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Startups have always been notorious for skating on thin ice. Until now. The rapidly-responsive, high tech world we live in has become a vortex (of sorts), with lenders – from banks to angel investors – being drawn into the centre. Of course, the business accelerator was the logical outcome. Accelerate /əkˈseləˌrāt/ verb; to cause to happen sooner than expected The …

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Around the Web – Google Turns A Page With Alphabet

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It’s one for the history books this week, with the breaking news of Google’s restructuring of its corporate name and image. We’ve also included some smart advice for those startups who are ‘accelerator bound,’ and a wake-up call for the self-employed (who need to give serious thought as to how they will live comfortably in retirement). Google Turns A Page …

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Are You Thinking Business Incubators or Accelerators?

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Business Incubators or Accelerators? If you have yet to consider taking advantage of what business incubators or accelerators can offer your new startup, it might be that you just aren’t that familiar with the concept. With IACs (Incubators, Accelerators and Co-Work Spaces) continuing to gain mentions when extraordinary startup success is discussed, we decided to take a bit of a …