Our Success Stories

Edward Johnson, CEO, PushFar

Richard Housley, Founder, Forces Cyber Pathways

Kirill Alenchik, Founder, Teaberian Tea

Mark Tabrett, CEO, Nimbli

“Linkilaw has been great the whole time we’ve worked with them at Nimbli.
They provided key set-up guidance and support which was incredibly helpful to us as a start-up and have continued to provide great service as our needs have evolved. Their prices are very good versus competitors.Most importantly for me, they actually treat us like an important client and work hard to deliver for us. The whole team has been professional and always organised. Would definitely recommend!”

Victor Falade, Co-Founder, Sports 100
“Linkilaw have been great in providing as the contracts we needed to get started as a small tech startup. They have taken the time to get a proper understanding of our business so that they were able to deliver exactly what we needed.Great service, excellent response times, highly recommend!”

Charanjeet Singh, YourSupportSystem
“I came across Linkilaw by chance, while browsing the web looking for lawyers with specialist knowledge of preparing legal contracts for internet businesses. My best find for years! They are professional to their fingertips, transparent (and highly competitive) on costs, and their customer service has been first class. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Mohamed Elhawary, Founder, BeUniqueness
“10 stars out of 5 stars. Gillian and the whole team are enormous. Quick reply, quality-oriented, care about your business, affordable price and know what they are doing.On top of that, they know what is the difference between startup and entrepreneurs; they understand that startups would have more questions, take more time and require a lot of patience-which they do.”

Edward Johnson, CEO, PushFar
“Linkilaw have done an incredible job in supporting PushFar.com, during our startup phase. The team are really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Both with GDPR and legal documentation, as well as ongoing legal support, they have been really excellent! I would thoroughly recommend them to any organisation who is looking for a highly experienced, efficient, professional and cost-effective legal solution.”

Callan Carr, CEO, Emerald
“Linkilaw provide fantastic legal services to startups by connecting them with top lawyers at the best prices. Linkilaw also offer extensive free legal advice on their website and social media profiles which are an extremely valuable resources to people in our field of startups.”

Dejan Rikic, Aptitude
“Linkilaw were exactly what we, as a small startup were looking for: easy to work with, provided a fast turnaround on any of our questions and requests and delivered what was agreed and needed.”

Rene Barownick, CEO, Duane Park
“I needed a lawyer with specialist expertise in a niche field. Linkilaw put me in touch with a highly regarded lawyer that understood both the legal and business side of the problem and provided excellent advice at a reasonable rate.”

Matthew Bell, Grid Edge Estates
“Quite simply Linkilaw are trailblazers and setting the standard for the way Law will be done in future, today. An expert solicitor with experience and a successful track record in securing trademark approvals was hand picked and charged at a fraction of the cost of a traditional TM and IP Solicitor. The application was successful, hassle free, incredible value for money and the whole experience was made fun and enjoyable – and that’s all down to the people who are a credit to this valuable brand. “

Matt Pate, Head of Growth, Sandbox
“As a startup themselves, Linkilaw understand the trials and struggle a startup often faces and work tirelessly to connect you with the legal teams that can help with your cause.”

Tom Elviro Sichel, Founder, HoverCat Studios
“Linkilaw have such an easy and clear way of explaining law. I didn’t realise how much I was overlooking! They listen and pay attention to every detail, something most wouldn’t do! It isn’t often you meet people with so much knowledge, yet listens to your every word. Therefore Linkilaw = amazing!”

Evan Walker, MORTR
“I found Linkilaw and the team extremely helpful from the very start. They were able to advise and guide us through the process of writing our legal terms etc very quickly and smoothly. I would strongly recommend Linkilaw to other startups in the dark with legals like we were!”

Ani Manukyan, Founder and CEO
“I had a great experience at Linkilaw. I loved the culture of the company and the way they explain law is both very easy to understand and take action upon. Highly recommend!”

Paggah Kamali
“Many thanks for your help and support – was really impressed with the service Linkilaw provides and was also really with the caliber of people that you put in front of me. Will definitely be looking for your help in the future.”

Federico Nuccio, CEO, Recoupera
“We managed to get our T&Cs and partners contract covering everything we needed to start operations. Highly recommended!”

Kunya, Ng, Founder, Tourby
“Linkilaw is a fantastic platform for startups looking for legal advice. They deliver reliable, afordable and rapid legal services, along with great customer service.”

Colin Marr, Memfies
“A very satisfied customer. If you are in the start up field (or perhaps even if you’re not) and you need legal advice, just use these guys. Thorough advice, and lowest cost on the market due to their innovative online set up. The service couldn’t have been better and we were very pleased that we have received top quality, tailored advice as well as T&Cs’ for our website. ”

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