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Lawsuits Against Websites Are On The Rise.

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If you’re using cookies on your website in the EU, you are legally required to have a Cookie Policy on there, too! A Cookie Policy is a document that explains to your users:

  • Which cookies you use.
  • What information is collected from your users.
  • How to get in touch with you for further information.

privacy policy


A Privacy Policy is also an important document. It lets your customers know:

  • How their data’s information is collected.
  • How it is used and not used.
  • Who it is distributed to.

Website T&Cs


Website Terms and Conditions, though not required by law, will safeguard your ideas and keep your intellectual property YOURS. They explain to your customers:

  • Outlines your intended web usage.
  • Your website content rights.
  • The guidelines in using your website.
  • Intellectual property notices.

There Are More than 1 Billion Websites Online.
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Get Ahead Of The Game!

You’re in the process of building your website.

You’ve spent months perfecting homepages and creating copy. You’ve been working on your customer journey, the UX and juggling all the rest of your responsibilities and…

SUDDENLY, the phone rings. It’s the web developer.

“I really need your Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Cookie pages now.”

Ah. Yes. Right. This hasn’t ever crossed your mind. Well, not fully. But truth be told you may not even know (entirely) what he is talking about.

We Get It! We’ll Help You Get It!

Running your business is complicated enough.

You’ve probably got too much on your plate already, and think that you don’t need legal support at this time.

Neglecting your legal obligations could put a strain on relationships with your employees, your investors, and most importantly anyone who uses your website!

Not only do sites crash and break down, but many are at risk of becoming entangled in messy legal disputes which could have easily been avoided!

Your dream of running your own business could quickly turn into a living legal nightmare.

“With the average person visiting 120 websites per day, how do startups make their websites more attractive to visitors?”


Do not neglect your legal obligations.

We want to help you keep your website popular, compliant and keep your relationship with all your websites visitors protected.

Linkilaw understands the urgent nature of your work.

This is why we developed the Web Pack. It will be delivered on time, without the traditional swindler’s price tag, supplying you with more resources to achieve your vision for your customers and community.

If you’re like most new business owners, you might be unaware of your legal obligations.

We get it. You’re busy making your startup a success.

Don’t neglect your legal obligations.

Just look what happened to Game Stations’ Customers.

In 2010, Game Station changed its terms and conditions to include a clause which led unwitting customers to allow the company to claim their immortal soul.

Although the update of the Terms of the website was an April Fools Day gag, the retailer made a very real point: no one reads T&Cs when they’re shopping online! As a result, companies are free…

If Game Station had not informed their customers of the joke then they would have faced a huge class action suit.

What About the Importance of a Privacy and Cookie Policy?

But What About the Importance of the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy?

All you need to do is swipe right and look at the expensive lawsuit against Tinder currently in litigation.

Tinder did not keep its Privacy and Cookie Policies up to date with the new European Commission Data Privacy Law, and as a result could face a fine of €20 million Euros or 4% of its global turnover.

All of this because its data privacy documents didn’t explicitly say how the customer data would be used.

We doubt you could afford to give 4% of your global turnover away.

And why should you?



Especially when getting all you need costs just £397+VAT.

You may be thinking to yourself – ‘these are huge companies, but what about my startup?’

If you get sued because your website is not legally compliant, it will destroy your startup, relationships with investors, and maybe even damage your relationship with your family.

BUT… you may be wondering:

Where will I find the time to get these contracts done?
How much will this cost me? Lawyers cost a fortune.
Who can I trust that really understands my statrtup?


“But Linkilaw, how can I possibly know which
legal documents I need?”

Don’t worry. Every step of the way, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll carry out our Startup Legal Session with you.
Interested? You should be.

It’s Free!

The Startup Legal Session is a one-to-one consultation with a legal specialist. Learn about how the law impacts your startup and educate yourself with information you’ll need at each stage of the your business’s development.

With startups just like yours in mind – we’ve changed the game for future game-changers!


  • 1Order the documents you need for your business.
  • 2Complete a checklist detailing your website and anything particular you would like included.
  • 3Receive your personalised contracts drafted by a qualified solicitor within 3 business days.
  • 4You have a further 14 days to review the contracts and send back for amendments.
  • 5Once completed, just sign the contracts or post them on your website. You are all set!

Congratulations. You’re all ready!

You finally have all the documents your web developer needs.


Don’t believe us? Look at what our customers had to say.

“I knew that it was important to get the legal documents for my business but I wasn’t exactly sure of what I needed until I’d had my Startup Legal Session. After that, I actually found out how vulnerable my startup was without them. From beginning to end, Linkilaw worked with me to protect my business. The advice and contract I received were second-to-none and a year later I’ve seen my business go from strength to strength!”

– Christina A L, Sell Your Label


Why Can’t I Just Use Legal Documents I Found On Google?

What’s “free” now could cost you your entire business later down the line!

Copying and pasting from Google gives you about as much protection as jumping out of a plane with a bin bag over your head.

Don’t take that leap of faith!

You need robust contracts, you need to be sure that you’re legally compliant and you need documentation that’s written with your businesses needs in mind.

These Documents Are Way Less Expensive Than What ALL Law Firms Charge. Are They Really Up To Scratch?

By all means…we think’s it’s time startups got the legal advice to help them grow without being bankrupted by the process.

Our big idea is to disrupt the legal industry and rid you of unnecessary costs so you can get on with growing your business.

You need to ensure that you have the most cost-effective, experienced and relatable lawyer to support you and your needs.

That’s why we’ve got lawyers on side that support our values.

Our lawyers have experience working with smaller startups through to representing Facebook. With their City firms, they too used to charge extortionate fees – but wanted a change. Working with us, they now get to enjoy a better lifestyle with flexibility and the joy of working with clients and cases that they care about.

How Are The Documents Customised? Are There Any Time Restrictions On Amendments I Can Make?

Customisation is included in the price! Gone are the days where you’re left wondering how much the legal work will cost, because your lawyer’s fees are piling up by the hour!

Whatever work is needed is completed in 3 working days, as we make it our mission to understand your business in order to draft the right documents for it.

There will be exceptions if you are wanting us to write the equivalent of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, keep changing your mind backwards and forwards, or if your requests are wildly above the allotted time.


How Does Linkilaw’s Prices Compare To The Traditional Law Firm?

We wanted to find out for you.

We needed to ensure our prices were a lot cheaper. So our friendly team rang up lawyers and law firms in the UK. When we finally got through to them, they told us:

The prices ranged from £100 – £1,500 an hour.
That’s an expensive cup of coffee if you go to their offices for a meeting.

A Lawyer’s PriceThe Linkilaw Price
Web Pack£750 – £1,500£397
Founder’s Pack£2,500 – £5,000£897
Employer’s Pack£3,000 – £8,000£897

After searching far and wide for answers, we were able to find the average U.K fixed price options.

We were shocked by what we found.

As a result, we swore to protect our customers from the lack of transparency and spiralling legal costs that comes from hourly rates. This is why we provide a quality service for a fixed price.


We can’t always guarantee that we will keep our prices at this level. But we’re working hard to continue to streamline our service, to keep prices low without compromising quality. We know you want a great service, competitive pricing and a fast turnaround.

So if you like what you see on the page here today – book it now – as these prices will likely change over time.

Our lawyers are different. Hand-picked, rigorously vetted and specialised to deal with startups, you can be assured your documents will be completed to the highest quality.

Our Lawyers have worked with thousands of startups.

Linkilaw’s company values ensure that the lawyers you trust with your startup’s future are friendly and supportive.

The road to startup success is unfortunately sometimes a lonely one, and it’s hard choosing the right road to go on.

We want to make this decision easy for you.



A 5* Customer Service

High Quality Legal Contracts

Quick Service

Although we’ve made our prices as low as possible, we understand that you want to be careful with your funds. If you’re not happy. We’re not happy.

This is why we offer you our unique


(Now when you have ever seen another legal firm offer you that?)

If you send us an email explaining why you’re unhappy with your contracts within a 7 day period, one of our friendly team members will call you to find out more, and get a full refund transferred to you.


Q: How much are the packs?

A: The Web Pack is £397, The Founder’s Pack is £897 and The Employer’s Pack is £897

Q: What number should I call to order a pack?

A: 0203 151 0011. Or you can email us at

Q: What are Linkilaws’ operating hours?

A: Formally 9:30am – 6:00pm. Monday – Friday. Informally we’re responding to emails outside of these hours.

Q: How much are these legal documents usually?

A: Anywhere between £1,000 and £8,000.

Q: So why don’t you charge that amount?

A: We’re changing the legal game for the future game-changers! We’re looking to disrupt the legal industry from the inside out so we’ve taken out all the inefficiencies from the traditional legal process – giving you the quality product without the high price.

Q: I don’t think I need all the documents in the pack. Can I just buy the documents individually?

A: Of course! We will let you know what you need and what you don’t with our Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!) before you even think about purchasing a pack!

Q: What about customisation?

A: Customisation is included! (Don’t say we don’t treat you!) On the off chance, however, your company requires contracts with more than the normal amount of customisation, you may have to pay an extra fee. But that won’t be a surprise to you, and you can always request for your money back instead.

Q: What makes Linkilaw different?

A: We understand your needs more than anyone else, because not that long ago we shared them. That’s why, on top of giving you quality and cost-effective contracts, we also provide startups with a comprehensive Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!)!

Q: Which lawyers do you use to draft these documents?

A: We have highly skilled UK based lawyers with years of experience in a variety of fields – all of which were hand picked to work with you, so you are in control every step of the way.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: If you ever in need of a lawyer, we can source the best lawyer for you. We offer our Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!), to educate you as to what legal work you may be in need of and then recommend the right lawyer for you from our legal marketplace.

Q: How much is this Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!)?

A: The clue is in the title. It’s free. Or as we like to say (It’s Free!)

Q: How long does the Start Up Legal Session (It’s Free!) take?

A: 10 – 30 minutes. Depends how much you like to talk.

Q: What kind of questions will you ask me?

A: Questions about your business structure and the day-to-day operations of your company. Nothing intrusive, we only need the essential information about your startup to give you the best advice we possibly can! And of course it’s all completely confidential.