Get Your Shareholders Agreement Now

Running your own business isn’t a fight you can win without getting your legal boxing gloves in check.

Does your startup have more than one owner?

A Shareholder’s Agreement will not only strengthen the relationships between you and any shareholders, but also give any potential investors the peace of mind they deserve!

You believe your idea is a great one, and you might be right – but how is an investor going to have confidence in you if it seems like you don’t care about protecting their money?!

Getting the legal documents you need, as soon as possible, shows a go-getter attitude and this could propel you on the way to investment success.

shareholders agreement


A Shareholders’ Agreement is a contract between you and other owners of your company. It makes clear:

  • How many shares each owner holds.
  • Any share vesting terms.
  • Any decision-making and deadlock provisions.

Director’s Service Agreement


A Director’s Service Agreement is a contract between you and other directors of your company. It makes clear:

  • The terms and length of the contract.
  • The director’s responsibilities.
  • The extent of authority assigned to the director.

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Goods OR Provision of Services


Terms and Conditions are both a guide and a contract between your business and your customers. It’s important in case of conflict of any sort, either you or your customer can refer to it and know which steps to take. It makes clear:

  • How your business/service works.
  • What your sales and return policy is.
  • What customers can expect from you.
  • The price and payment methods.

On Average, It Cost £27,520 to Start A Business In 2016.

Building Your Legacy Can Be Expensive. Avoid The Nightmare Of Losing It All.

You Need The Legal Foundations To Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Fall Through The Cracks.

Get The Essential Legal Documents Every Founder Needs For Their Startup.

After All Your Time And Money Are Precious And You’ve Got A Business To Grow.

We’ve Created A Founder’s Pack With You In Mind.
We Promise Prices That Give Your Wallet A High Five!

  • Quality Contracts
  • Understandable Advice
  • Value For Money
  • Quick Service

On the subject of greatness, Muhammed Ali once said you must ‘suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion’.

Getting the legal documents you’ll need at the very beginning of your startup journey could mean that you too could live the rest of your life like a champ!

And Guess What? You Won’t Have To Suffer At All.

To achieve greatness, you must plant the seeds of success before your business becomes a legal mess.

We understand that with all the time, money and energy you’re spending on your business, making sure you’re legally compliant might not be the first thing on your ‘making a million’ check-list.

Don’t be fooled.

What might not seem like a priority now could rear its ugly head later down the line!

You’re a dreamer. A game-changer. An innovator.

Starting your own business is one of the bravest things a person can do.

With all the punches that come with running your own startup, you somehow get back up again and again. Life throws a lot of curveballs, and yet, you always emerge the victor.


Because you’re working on something bigger than yourself.

The blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating your legacy will be worth it, if it all goes your way.

The long nights, the arguments with your loved ones, and the beatings your bank accounts take on a regular basis will be worth it if everything goes to plan!

Once upon a time, we were in your position ourselves.

When your startup’s development is uncertain, you might feel like getting your legal work in order is the last thing on your mind!

Funny thing about that train of thought is the right legal documents could hold the key to solving your problems.


“A mistake a lot of founders make is
not making a Founder’s agreement.”

(Praveen Raju, Founder of Spice Route Advisors)

It’s good to share

But businesses aren’t as easy as pie, nor should they be divided up like one!

You need to put your own stamp on the relationship you have with your shareholders and make sure that their duties and obligations are clearly defined!

The saddest thing about life is that the people you trust sometimes don’t always have your best interests at heart.

At the beginning of your business, everything may be going swimmingly, but there will be a point when you cannot risk your stake in your business by hoping a verbal agreement will protect you.

Do what you can to protect your interests and stop ugly disputes in their tracks! If not, the relationships you have with loved ones, as well as your business, could be jeopardised!

Don’t take Raju’s words for granted!

But, what if you’re supplying goods or services to a client?

You’ll need something on paper that defines a relationship between an owner or seller, and their client!

When selling goods to your customers, make sure it’s under your terms!

When providing services make sure your customers know the conditions of your relationship.

Make your life easier – lay everything out clearly in a Terms and Conditions page so your clients know their rights and responsibilities from the get-go!

Without something that definitively sets out what is expected from you and your customers your business could get messy in the long-term.

Still don’t believe Terms and Conditions are important?

Tinkoff Bank, a respectable bank operating in Russia, should have had the sense to get its army of lawyers to read over their own Terms and Conditions.

They didn’t.

As a result, they paid the consequences.

In 2013, Dmitry Argarkov applied for a Tinkoff credit card but didn’t like the interest rates on offer.

He amended the Terms and Conditions and then sent the contract back to Tinkoff. Without looking over the new contract, they agreed to all changes made by Argarkov.

Argarkov, thinking ahead, included clauses in the event that Tinkoff Bank finally realised the extent of the mess it was in.

Every time the bank failed to comply with the rules, it would be fined 3 million rubles (£58,716). If Tinkoff tried to cancel the contract, it would have to pay him 6 million rubles.

Tinkoff Bank and Argarkov were involved in a long lawsuit as a result.

This case has proved to be expensive as it was rumoured that Argarkov received a £575,000 settlement.

It’s easy to make the wrong decision regarding your business if you’re not careful!

If you’re a titan in the entrepreneurial world, or this is your first venture, you need to also think about the people who are responsible for the day-to-day runnings of your business!

Directors are the heroes who carry out all the major duties within the company!

Address everything from leaving to losses and from pay to pensions with a Director’s Service Agreement! Your directors deserve to know what is needed from them, but what you will provide in return – and you deserve the peace of mind that comes from that!

It’s best to get a Director’s Service Agreement as soon as possible when running your startup whether or not you’ve reached the big leagues and got a board of veteran directors on your side, because failing to prepare is preparing to fall!

Just look at the Board of Directors for security software startup Cryptine Networks.

Although the Board was made up of extremely rational and intelligent individuals, the vast majority of meetings ended in a deadlock.


There was no Director’s Service Agreement detailing the decision-making procedures.

Successful startups know that your survival often hinges on the speed at which decisions are made.

Cryptine Networks found out the hard way and closed their doors as they were consistently beaten by competitors with well-thought out Director’s Service Agreements.

Define how your directors act on your company’s behalf.

Make sure you call the shots.

Getting your legal documents together might not sound as great as ‘giving it your all’ or ‘grabbing life by the cojones’ does – but with the excitement of the Startup Scene, you’ve got to remember to be boring sometimes.

We know you probably wonder what can do to make your business great. You’ve got the idea – but what about everything else?

With so much to do, and so little time, it’s easy to neglect your legal obligations to your business until the time is ‘right.’

But there is never a right time to get your legal framework in place – apart from right now!

Why is it urgent to get legal documents for my business?

Why wait for legal issues to bite you when you can stop them in their tracks now?

A lack of quality legal documents will not end well for any of the parties involved. Disputes with shareholders and directors, a loss of earnings, and damage to your profesional reputation are completely avoidable, if “the right legal framework” is put in place.

BUT… you may be wondering:

Where am I going to find the money now to afford a lawyer?
Getting legal support is necessary, but so time consuming! I’m so stretched right now.
I want the best for my business but I don’t think I need anything now. How will I know you’re not trying to swindle me?

“There are days, especially early on, when you’re hit with waves of self-doubt…”

You’re responsible for your employees, your investors, your customers, your product and yourself. You’ve got so much on your plate, your startup might as well be a buffet!

On top of all of that, now you’re told that you’re also responsible for getting your legal documents foundations in place!

Don’t suffer in silence!

Being your own boss is great and running your own startup is thrilling when it’s all going well, but what about when the going gets tough?

Many people don’t understand the pain that comes with the Startup Life.

But we do.

At Linkilaw, we constantly keep you in mind.

This is why we developed The Founder’s Pack.

We want to keep you happy, your wallet full, and your new business safe.

Don’t let legal issues knock you out – get the three essential contracts
that will make you sure that your startup is fit to fight… for life!

This is Startup Pack just for you, Founder of the Future. Loaded with the silver bullets to prevent future disputes with Shareholders, Directors and Clients!

If you’ve taken the leap of faith to run your own startup, Linkilaw will not only shine a light on the road ahead, but also guide you in the direction of success.

We STAND with you every step of the way. With the Founder’s Pack, for only £897+VAT, expect to get our:

With the help of one of our highly-trained experts, we provide you a free one-on-one consultation in order to understand you, the ins and outs of your business, and the legal needs of your startup.

Invest in yourself and your startup.

Arm yourself with the legal information that will widen your understanding and help you make well-informed decisions in regards to your startup’s future!

Be a Founder that will fight to win: Save £1000s and avoid the punches life will throw at you and your startup.


  • 1 Get your Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!)
  • 2 Order the essential documents you need for your business.
  • 3Fill in a quick form and let us know of any details (big or small) we should include in the drafting process of your contracts.
  • 4 Within three business days, you’ll receive your personalised contracts drafted by one of our qualified, highly rated, and vetted solicitors.
  • 5 Everything’s almost done! All you need to do now is review the documents and just let us know of any issues within three business days of receiving the contracts.

You’re all set! These contracts can then be passed to all who need them.

They’re ready to be signed or posted on your website.

Signed, sealed, and delivered – They’re yours!

We really are that fast!

“I wasn’t aware of the legal implications surrounding small businesses before I spoke to Linkilaw. I then went through a Startup Legal Session to make sure I understood this fully – the goal was achieved. Furthermore, it was an easy and quick process. I very much recommend their services to any startup or small to medium sized business to ensure the right documents are in place.”

– Benjamin Lambert, Clocked


Why Can’t I Just Use Free Legal Documents I Come Across Online?

It’s not a crime to be tempted by ‘free’ legal documents online which promise to safeguard your startup. The issue with these documents is that ANYONE (with or without a law degree) could have written these documents and if anything goes wrong or you need more done to the contracts, there is no one to help you!

Linkilaw is in the business of ensuring that you know what you’re paying for!

The lawyers that draft our documents have worked with Facebook, Amazon, Universal Music, Warner Bros., and Dunhill and Cartier (to name a few).

Some of our lawyers are armed with more than 30 years of experience in their field and will do their utmost to shield your startup from anything that could do your business harm.

These Documents Are Way Less Expensive Than The Ones Many Law Firms Provide. Are They Really Up To Scratch?

We’re looking to disrupt the legal industry from the inside out. Any legal fees you pay tend to include more than just the lawyer’s time!

They unfortunately include many inefficiencies that come with running a big office in an expensive city and making sure the coffee given to the clients comes from the most remote part of South America.

We’ve gotten rid of these overheads and streamlined the process – saving you time and money.

Our Linkilawyers are the best. Once upon a time, they charged the fees you’d expect when they were working in The City. With an unusual breadth of experience, they have expertise working with smaller startups all the way through to representing multinationals.

Now they’ve have joined us because they care about you and want to give startups the opportunity to grow.

For less.

Without sacrificing quality.

With us, you can rest assured that you will get the cost-effective, experienced, and relatable lawyers that you and your business deserve.

How Is It Personalised And Is There A Limit On The Changes Made?

We talk about disrupting the legal industry and stay true to our word! Everything, from what we will do for you to how much it will cost, is explained from the get-go! Say ‘Adios!’ to the days where you’re clueless about how much legal work will cost! With us, all fees are fixed before the work is even started.

Our mission is to draft the right documents for you and your business at a price that doesn’t hurt.

We provide a quick turnaround and quality customer service. Expect the documents to be in your possession within three working days. Only in exceptional cases will we need more time to finish the work. We will let you know at the beginning if that is OK.

From beginning to end, the power is in your hands!

Can you really save up to 80% by getting our Founder’s Pack?

We needed to know. So we rang up lawyers and law firms in the U.K.


The prices ranged from £100 – £1,500 an hour.
That’s an expensive cup of coffee if you go to their offices for a meeting.

After searching far and wide for answers, we were able to find the average U.K fixed price options.

We were shocked by the result.

We swore to protect our customers from the lack of transparency and spiralling legal costs that comes from hourly rates. This is why we provide a quality service for a fixed price.

A Lawyer’s PriceLinkilaw’s Price
Founder’s Pack£2,500 – £5,000£897+VAT


We can’t always guarantee that we will keep our prices at this level. We are working hard to continue to streamline our service without compromising on quality. We know you want a good price, fast delivery and high quality results.

Our lawyers are different. They are hand-picked, rigorously vetted and specialise in dealing with startups and their founders so you can be assured your documents will be completed to the highest quality. Our Linkilawyers have worked with thousands of startups.

Linkilaw’s company values ensure that the lawyers you trust with your startup’s future are friendly, supportive and specialised.


A 5-Star Customer Service

High Quality Legal Contracts

Quick Service

Although we’ve made our prices as low as possible, we understand that you want to be careful with your money. If you’re not happy. We’re not happy.

This is why we offer you our unique


(Now when have you ever seen another legal firm offer that?)

If you send us an email explaining why you’re unhappy with your contracts within a 7-day period, one of our friendly team members will call you to find out more, and get a full refund transferred to you. We really are that good!


Q: How much are the packs?

A: The Web Pack is £397+VAT, The Founder’s Pack is £897+VAT and The Employer’s Pack is £897+VAT.

Q: What number should I call to order a pack?

A: 0203 151 0011. Or you can email us at

Q: What are Linkilaws’ operating hours?

A: Formally 9:30am-6:00pm, Monday-Friday. Informally we’re responding to emails outside of these hours.

Q: How much are these legal documents usually?

A: Anywhere between £1,000 and £8,000.

Q: So why don’t you charge that amount?

A: We’re changing the legal game for the future game-changers! We’re looking to disrupt the legal industry from the inside out so we’ve taken out all the inefficiencies from the traditional legal process – giving you the quality product without the high price.

Q: I don’t think I need all the documents in the pack. Can I just buy the documents individually?

A: Of course! We will let you know what you need and what you don’t with our Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!) before you even think about purchasing a pack!

Q: What about customisation?

A: Customisation is included! (Don’t say we don’t treat you!) On the off chance, however, your company requires contracts with more than the normal amount of customisation, you may have to pay an extra fee. But that won’t be a surprise to you, and you can always request a refund.

Q: What makes Linkilaw different?

A: We understand your needs more than anyone else, because not that long ago we shared them. That’s why, on top of giving you quality and cost-effective contracts, we also provide startups with a comprehensive Startup Legal Session (It’s Free)!

Q: Which lawyers do you use to draft these documents?

A: We have highly skilled UK-based lawyers, who have worked with large London-based firms, with years of experience in a variety of fields and who want a greater flexibility in their lives – they came to us – they are handpicked to work with you, so you are in control every step of the way.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: If you ever in need of a lawyer, we can source the best lawyer for you. We offer our Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!), to educate you as to what legal work you may be in need of and then recommend the right lawyer for you from our legal marketplace.

Q: How much is this Startup Legal Session (It’s Free!)?

A: The clue is in the title. It’s free. Or as we like to say (It’s Free!)

Q: How long does the Startup Legal Session take?

A: 15-30 minutes. It depends on how much you like to talk.

Q: What kind of questions will you ask me?

A: Questions about your business structure and the day-to-day operations of your company. Nothing intrusive, we only need the essential information about your startup to give you the best advice we possibly can! And of course it’s all completely confidential.