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Why Timely Legal Advice Is Important

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With the increase of focus on technology as a necessity in our world for leisure, work and travel, among a number of other relevant matters, there is no doubt that a more comfortable and convenient future is just waiting to happen.

Countless laws will no doubt come popping up to accompany these advancements, with new processes and red tape than you could ever imagine. If you fail to abide by these than you might as well say goodbye to your business. As such, being able to keep up with your company’s legal needs should always be a priority and here, at Linkilaw, we’ve got the services you need.

As an example, take unroll.me, an email management software service. On the 23rd of May 2018, they blocked of their services from European customers, saying they needed more time to make their company GDPR compliant.

The GDPR is just one example of how complete compliance with the law is an absolute must when it comes to your business. With laws placing numerous requirements on businesses the need for quick and timely legal advice has never been more necessary. 

We are entrepreneurs first, lawyers second so we understand the importance of time and the need sometimes of immediate legal advice. That’s why we now offer a Legal Advice Session you can book online within a few minutes to have a call with one of our senior lawyers. We offer also our Legal Strategy Session where we’ll help you to create a legal strategy with your business current and future needs. Make sure you’re prepared for all the changes that will affect your business legals and you stay compliant, especially with Brexit right around the corner.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone, but companies are completely chained down by the law and as such, preparation is key. While corporate laws may have been or, at least, seemed rather lax in the past, growing concern about privacy and safety due to technological development has given rise to the necessity for more laws and stricter implementation.

Whether you’re big, like British Airways who was fined £230 million for GDPR breach by the ICO, or small like unroll.me, an experienced and knowledgable legal service is something you need to get a hold of quickly.

If you have any doubt for setting up the right legals to your businessbook a call with us and we’ll guide you through every stage of your legal needs.