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Startup Launch: Ten Free Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow

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Nowadays most of the people thinking on a Startup launch face the same mistake. Young entrepreneurs who have inspiring and innovative ideas think that it is impossible to create a start up without any business background or technical skills.

Here is the truth: thanks to the powerful and available almost to everyone Internet, ambitious businessmen can now find a large range of free startup tools online. They help not only to build one’s business but also improve its performance or even track its success.

Haven’t come up with an idea yet? Startup Donut will solve it!

Everyone knows that the success of any business operation starts from an original, viable idea. Startup Donut familiarises you with efficient ways to come up with a startup idea and help you to test its viability. It is your priority to make sure that your business has enough customers. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake before you start up. It is much more disappointing to fail rather than make a mistake while planning. 

Not enough funding? When was it a problem if you are a creative person!

Most of the time people give up on their ideas because they think they are out of sufficient financial resources. Wait. Haven’t you heard about Kickstarter? It is a massive platform to help all sort of creative projects come true. All you need to do is to create a project under your particular category and get supported by people interested in what you are doing. Simple as that!  

Kickstarter will help you grow your startup

Before setting up. Where in the world will your startup work the best?

Founded X Startup Stats is the ideal tool for those who have not decided yet which country or countries might offer probably the best conditions for their business operation. For example, let’s say you are thinking about establishing a business in textile or agriculture markets in Thailand. With the help of Founded X Startup Stats, you can find out that you must be ready to pay $2000 only for the company registration fee plus the corporation tax at 18%.

What if you think that $2000 is a bit out of your budget? Where should you operate instead? Do not guess, just visit to find out detailed statistics about more than 40 countries around the world.

Do you think you are ready to launch a business? It is always a good idea to double check!

Statistics show that most of the startups fail due to the poor planning or lack of vital business components. Don’t be in a rush to launch, we know that you are excited. It is extremely important that your launch is actually ready. Visit and find startup launching checklists, lessons, tools and tactics that will help you to be ensured that everything is covered before you start.

Everything you need to know about startup language.

Startup Stash is a curated directory of resources & tools that makes the life of young entrepreneurs easier. It is a vital resource for those who have never used any tools to build a business or just want to expand their knowledge about website building or market research, for example. It provides its users with wide range of the most efficient business tools of various categories starting from the very first steps of idea generation all the way to final stages of starting up such as raising capital.

To be engaging is a key!

What does come to your mind when you hear the word ‘engagement’? For any kind of business, it is obviously very important to have an interactive conversation between the company and its customers. But this should happen not only in real life but online as well. Typeform is online forms reimagined that helps businessmen to create any type of survey, job application form or even credit card payments form. If you want to get successful engagement and further responses – try Typeform today.

If you have poor project management skills – Trello will keep track of everything for you.

Proper organisation is a very important aspect that will run your business smoothly. Trello helps entrepreneurs to organise and prioritise tasks and projects in a flexible enjoyable way. This resource allows businessmen to drag-and-drop tasks and design project-flow leading up to their end goal. This is an essential tool for any startup, particularly useful for agencies that do website design and software development.

Trello will help your startup grow

Are you planning to start a digital tech company in the UK?

Tech City UK is designed to help UK digital companies to grow at all the stages of their development through various life-cycle programmes, research and events. If you feel like your startup require support from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world or you want to work in the UK’s digital technology sector – Tech City UK is a right tool for you.

To push traffic to one’s website became FREE.

Sumo is free online resource that helps to grow your company’s website and become more successful. Providing essential business tools such as list builder, Sumo automates your site growth, drive more traffic to your website, and track your successes to make necessary improvements. So if you want to start transforming your website visitors into long-term customers, visit Sumo today.

Need Legal Help For Your Startup Launch? 

Book a call with our legal team and we’ll guide your through every stage of your legal needs. It doesn’t matter where you’re on the business journey, we provide the legal support that suits you. 

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