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The first featured post this week takes a look at a great formula you can use in your next job interview to nail it and get the job. It’s simple and anyone can use it to improve their interview performance.


Our second story looks at an interesting legal development in the UK post-Brexit referendum. Pro-Leave campaigners are filing discrimination and harassment cases against colleagues in their companies because of their stance on Brexit, so make sure to read this one.


Third, we have an interesting story about how tech leaders in the startup world are breaking a typical norm and getting involved in the American presidential race. This is something that rarely happens, but strange times call for strange measures.

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Our final story explores the role that confidence plays in the daily success of your startup and how to make sure that confidence is always sky-high in your company.


Employment Expertise: Use The STAR Method To Shine During Interviews


Got a job interview coming up but are terrified about how it will go?


You certainly wouldn’t be the only one. Job interviews are one of those things that tend to make even the most confident people feel a little nervous. And there is good reason considering the interview plays such a huge role in whether or not you get a job.


However, this featured post reveals a little formula people should use to make sure that they shine during their job interviews. It’s called STAR.


STAR stands for: Situation, Task, Activity and then Result.


It’s a great little framework you can use for your next job interview and it should give you the confidence you need to ace your next interview. Read the full post today and learn how to use this formula for job interview success.


How Brexit Could Lead To Employment Disputes – And Divorce


Here is a story that will probably take many people by surprise.


The Week is reporting how pro-Leave campaigners from the recent Brexit referendum are now lodging discrimination complaints against employees in their companies.


Specifically, the complaints deal around harassment and discrimination because of their pro-Leave views. In this specific story, there are four companies that are apparently dealing with this now.


It’s a very tricky legal issue that has arisen. Under the Equality Act, which ironically is a result of an EU directive, certain pro-Leave workers are claiming they suffered discrimination and harassment for their views.


Under the Equality Act, it’s illegal to discriminate or harass someone based on their philosophical beliefs. However, it’s tricky for the pro-Leave workers filing these cases to prove discrimination or harassment occurred based on these beliefs.


And that’s because they would need to be able to prove that this pro-Leave belief is something that is genuinely held as part of their daily living and a crucial part of their lives. So it’s going to be very interesting to see how these cases end up playing out because it could open the door for many more similar cases.


Another interesting side effect of the Brexit mentioned in this story is that different view of the Brexit are affecting married couples and actually putting stress on those marriages.


Who would have thought that the Brexit would have ended up reaching into areas of life like this?


Companies Are Now Taking Sides In The Presidential Race


It’s always been a long-held policy for many startups to not get involved politically in any presidential race. However, this presidential race has changed all of that and this current campaign, 145 leaders in the tech sector have signed open letters penning their disapproval of Donald Trump.


However, it also comes with a disclaimer: their views are in no way the views held by their companies.


This is a new practice and it’s well-known that HR firms actively discourage company employees from getting involved in politics like this. It’s far better to not get involved but this presidential race is different.


The main difference is that there has arguably never been such a polarising presidential race in American history. It’s fair to say many leaders in the startup world are concerned about Donald Trump’s stance on certain topics.


Therefore, they have felt no other choice but to voice their political views, something long held as a big no-no in any company.


Whether this is something that continues in future presidential races remains to be seen; HR firms will be watching how this plays out intently.


How Confidence Impacts Your Team And Your Startup


Startups are incredibly difficult to run and manage. There always seems to a million things to do and keep tabs on. As the writer of this article points out, Samantha Harrington, one of the most important things to keep an eye on is the daily morale of your startup’s team.


As she points out, if morale is high then the place has a buzzing atmosphere and is great to be in. Work gets done quickly and it’s just a fun place to be in general. However, when morale is low, the going becomes very slow.


Harrington points out that these bouts of low morale used to affect her regularly and she had no idea what the cause was or how to deal with it. However, she mentions that one day she realised what was going on, which was her confidence was simply down.


She also noticed it was the same for her team too. If they were not feeling confident than their morale would take a hit and it would affect their work. If confidence to get the job done was high then morale would also be high.


In the post, she gives a few pointers on how to get that confidence up if it’s low. One thing she mentions is small wins, which is knocking off those small, five-minute tasks because it gives you that feeling you’re getting stuff done still. Then it will gradually build your confidence so you can move onto the more difficult tasks.


Confidence is a tricky thing. It’s important to remember it’s just a state of mind and you can gain and lose it very quickly. As Harrington points out, what works for her may not work for you but the key is finding what works for you so you can always build that confidence back up again.

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Then the key is maintaining it for you and the rest of your team.




Our first featured post covered a formula you can use to succeed in your job interviews called STAR. Use it at your will in your next interview.


Secondly, we looked at a story about how pro-Leave workers in the UK are now mounting discrimination and harassment cases against colleagues they felt discriminated against them for their pro-Leave views during the recent Brexit referendum.


Third, we have a story about how tech leaders in the startup world are voicing their displeasure openly against Donald Trump, which is something that is seen as breaking the rules of not getting involved in presidential races.


Lastly, we looked at how confidence can make or break a startup by someone who runs her own startup and dealt with this problem personally.


We hope you enjoyed reading this Linkibuzz post and stay tuned for Linkibuzz #61 next week.