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Everyone is aware of the referendum held June 23 in which Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. . However, leaving will cause changes and one of those changes will be to employment laws in the UK because many are influenced by EU legislation. Our first featured story takes a closer look at this and any potential changes.


Most startup programs are accelerator-type programs that are designed to build a company that has a team in place with some ideas to develop. However, our second story focuses on a company called Entrepreneurship First that has a program for people who want to build their own company, but don’t have anything at all yet. It’s a program perfect for any aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a traditional team, but do have plenty of ambition and desire to succeed.

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Immigrants play a major role in the startup scene in the United States whether it be founding startups or working at key roles within them. Either way, there are a lot of myths lies, and half-truths for immigrants who want to found their own startup, and this featured story explores this a little deeper.


Our final featured story explores the Norwegian startup scene and some interesting developments that could explode onto the market globally. One of those ideas is a drone that follows you around while you ski. Definitely high-tech and cool, and just one of many developments coming from Norway.


We’re sure these stories will satiate your desire for all things startup-related this week, so sit back and enjoy reading this week’s Linkibuzz.


Leaving Could Lead To Changes In Employment Laws


We all know that iBritain’s vote to leave the EU will result in huge changes in many areas of life in the UK. One of those areas concerns employment laws.


Many of the current employment laws in the UK are shaped by EU legislation and case law from the European Court of Justice. In fact, all of the current employment laws aside from unfair dismissal rights laws have been heavily influenced by EU legislation and laws covering this area. Some include areas like maternity rights, holiday entitlements rights, workers’ rights and much more.


We could see some changes to these areas, although it’s unlikely there will be too many because many of the current employment laws that were influenced by EU legislation have been well received both by people and businesses.


If there are any changes, it’s going to take some time for any new laws to be passed and of course, there will be some initial pain that comes whenever new changes are implemented in any area.


Entrepreneur First Doesn’t Find Startups, It Builds Them


Looking to create a company from the ground up and you’ve got no team and no real plans? Then you might like to pay extra attention to this article.


This is about a company in London called Entrepreneur First that doesn’t look for startups with a plan and team in place; they’re not your typical accelerator. Instead, what they do is take people in the absolute beginner stage of their startup and build it into a company that can then go and seek venture capital funding.


And that’s often what happens. Since 2011, Entrepreneur First has created 75 companies and they’ve gone on to raise £70 million in funding . They have a process whereby startups must apply to join their program. After choosing from around 1,000 applicants, they pick the few that they think are most suitable and most likely to become a successful company.


The program is an intense one that starts off with a three-month team building and idea development process. If the program attendees are still in the game at this point, then Entrepreneur First continues working with them but on the condition they get an 8% stake in the company.


It’s not an infallible program, with some 27% of program attendees failing. However, if you’re looking to grow a company from the ground up and you’ve got no team, then this is a program probably worth exploring.


Startups And Immigration: Myths, Lies And Half-Truths


According to a study by the National Foundation for American Policy, 51% of startups are founded by immigrants, and they make up 70% as key members of these startups.


There tends to be a lot of myths, lies and half-truths surrounding immigrants and startups, and if you want to hear the real truth then you can’t get better than an immigrant who actually founded his or her own startup.


This article centres on the story of Desmond Lim and his experiences founding his own startup. As he points out, immigrants play a big role in the startup scene, probably much more so than many people realise. However, it’s also a field littered with confusion for many of those immigrants.


Many are put off by the idea of founding a startup because of the perceived visa hassles involved with it. As Lim mentions, most of his immigrant friends all went on to work for big companies for that reason, even if they wanted to create a startup.


In this post, he shares his experience and what he has found to be the real truth regarding founding a startup as an immigrant in the United States. We’re sure that it will help clear up much confusion for other immigrants who may be thinking of creating a startup but are worried about any perceived legal and visa challenges involved with it.


Keep An Eye On Norway: Its Startup Scene Is About To Go Huge


Startups are at the heart of much of the innovation and creativity we see today, and according to the writer of this post, we’re about to see a big explosion of this coming from the Norwegian startup scene.


What makes the startup world so exciting is all the wonderful ideas and creativity buzzing around people involved in the scene. And if you’re to believe the writer of this post, Haje Jan Kamps, then there are going to be some great developments coming out of the Norwegian startup scene in the near future.


There are four exciting developments that he points to specifically:

  • A home that is designed to make smart bits in your home talk to each other.
  • A startup tackling the issue of severe childhood isolation issues head on.
  • A drone that follows you around while you are skiing.
  • A car-renting platform that allows you to directly rent from owners


And much more. Either way, it sounds like there are some exciting developments coming from the startup scene in Norway, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

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That’s it for this week’s Linkibuzz.


We first covered a story about how Britain leaving the EU could affect that country’s employment laws because a lot of their current laws are influenced by EU legislation.


We then looked at a post that covers a company in London called Entrepreneur First, which doesn’t just find startups, it builds them from the very beginning with its own program and turns them into successful companies that receive venture funding. If you’re thinking about creating a startup, then why not take a look sometime?


Third, we covered an interesting story about the experience of being an immigrant and founding a startup in the United States, dispelling a few myths, lies and half-truths along the way. Lastly, we explored a post about the Norwegian startup scene and how it could be about to explode onto the world stage with some exciting developments.


We’re sure these stories whet your appetite for this week so stay tuned for next week’s Linkibuzz.