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Welcome back for Linkibuzz #50.


We’ve got some great stories covering numerous topics from around the globe this week.


Our first featured story explores a real estate start-up that is making two very bold promises that few other companies are even willing to match. It is something that could see them dominate that industry, so check that story out.


Our second featured story looks at how one of the main motivators for self-employment for parents in Scotland is to combat expensive childcare costs.


Our third featured story comes from the heart. It’s about a startup worker who battled alcohol abuse and joined a start-up only to find that the alcohol-fuelled culture in the startup industry was a new battle she didn’t expect. It’s a great read that poses many questions and challenges for the startup industry and its attitude towards alcohol consumption.


Our final featured story looks at the four types of people you can hire in your start-up. We’ll just tell you straight up, if you read that post you’ll find out the two types of people you don’t want to hire and the two types of people you do want to hire.


A Start-up That Pays Cash To Buy Homes Now Offers a Money-Back Guarantee


Here is an interesting story about a start-up called Opendoor that is making some very bold promises not often seen in its industry. Opendoor is a real estate start-up that sells homes online. That’s not the interesting part, either.


What makes what Opendoor is doing so fascinating are two bold promises that they are making to their customers that are rarely seen in this industry. The first promise is that they are giving all their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can buy a house online from their site, move in and if you decide you don’t like it within 30 days of the purchase date, they’ll buy it back from you.


Pretty crazy, don’t you think?


They will also provide each home buyer with a 180-point inspection report. If anything breaks in the house within the first two years, they will pay to fix it. We’re sure that there aren’t too many companies offering two bold promises like that in real estate and we’re sure they’re going to kick up a storm in the next few years.


It’s certainly ambitious and if this story doesn’t teach you a thing or two about good marketing and creating an unforgettable value proposition, then we’re not sure what will.


Childcare Costs Fuelling Rise In Self-Employment


We all know about the benefits of self-employment; the flexibility of work hours, work from anywhere, work on your own terms, and just in general greater control over your day-to-day routine.

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These are generally the main things that draw people to self-employment and it’s becoming more viable as a legitimate albeit alternative career path for many millennials. However, who would have expected that one of the reasons we’re currently seeing for a rise in self-employment is childcare costs?


According to this article, it’s one of the main reasons why people are turning to self-employment. We know that childcare costs are not always cheap for many people but in Scotland, they are the highest in the UK and now parents there are looking for alternative ways to avoid hefty childcare costs and be there when their children need them.


This way, they can earn an income on their own terms and still look after their children without the childcare costs, therefore saving a bit of extra cash. We always knew that self-employment posed many attractions to different people but who would have thought that mitigating childcare costs would be one of them?


It certainly makes for interesting reading.


For Some Workers, Alcohol And Startups Are A Dangerous Mix


We all know that alcohol does tend to play a role in the lifestyle and work environment of many startups. The facts are that many startups have a bar area, which says it all.


In fact, it’s commonplace and a regular part of startup culture to engage in a light drink while at work during the day, bond with staff and celebrate a glass of bubbly after and important contract has been won by a company. These are all quite common examples at many startups and alcohol tends to be a key part of the industry culture.


However, for some workers, this simply is not a good mix and can be quite a testing experience. This is aptly demonstrated in this story that features Sarah Jane Coffey who joined a startup to get her life back on track after a period of alcohol abuse in her own life.


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While joining a startup did help her get her life back on track and allow her to find a bit of fulfillment and meaning again, she was certainly confronted by the alcohol fuelled culture that is common in many startups. It’s an experience she bared all about in a blog post she posted on blogging site


In it, she tells her story, which reveals to every reader an insight into the drinking culture that is prevalent at many start-ups and what it can be like to deal with as someone who has experienced drinking problems.


It’s a confronting but worthy read and perhaps it’s something that the industry as a whole should take note of because it’s the kind of story that can influence attitudes and potentially create some changes.


It’s certainly a must-read post if you’re interested in getting the inside story of the drinking culture that exists within many start-ups today.


Watch Out For These Four Types Of Hires In Your Start-up


Hiring employees is a must and it’s also one of the toughest tasks a CEO must engage in. Hire the right people and you could see them working with you to grow your business at an astronomical rate. Hire the wrong people and it could be a disaster waiting to happen.


In this featured post, CEO Pradeep Soundararajan talks about the four types of people you’re most likely to encounter when hiring for your company.


  • Type 1: wrong direction, high speed
  • Type 2: wrong direction, slow speed
  • Type 3: right direction, high speed
  • Type 4: right direction, slow speed


The best type of employees Soundararajan talks about are Type 3 employees. He says these are the ones that will help you rapidly grow your business because they get your vision and mission correct from the beginning, and are constantly striving to achieve success.


However, they are the rarest of them all. In the latter part of the post he begins to talk about the attributes of employees who are heading in the right direction and why it’s so hard to find them.


While everything in this post is 100% opinion only, it’s an incredibly interesting perspective he puts on things and it’s one that many startup founders will get a lot of value in and help them with their own hiring process.




That’s it for this week’s Linkibuzz.


We’ve had another round of great featured stories from around the globe. First, we looked at the i bold promises being made by a real estate startup called Opendoor and how it could potentially revolutionise that industry.


Second, we focused on how unexpectedly, one of the drivers to self-employment for many people according to a survey out of Scotland is rising childcare costs. Self-employment not only mitigates expensive childcare fees but allows parents to be there when their children need them to be.


Our third story focused on a very heartfelt experience by a woman called Sarah Jane Coffey who had battled alcohol abuse in her life and then joined a start-up. However, she quickly realised that alcohol and the startup industry are inextricably linked for good or for worse. It’s a great read and one that is guaranteed to challenge attitudes regarding alcohol and work in that industry.


Lastly, we looked at four types of people you can generally hire to work at a start-up; the ones to avoid and the ones to hire who will rapidly grow your business. It’s compelling reading if you’re about to start hiring new staff for your start-up and gives you something to look out for.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Linkibuzz!