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The Importance Of Business Authenticity – It’s The Future…

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We all know that marketing and advertising are crucial elements of any business development strategy, but business owners often overlook the more intangible yet critical importance of business authenticity when building a brand.

So how do you nurture authenticity, particularly when you cannot develop face-to-face relations within a digital platform?

A good starting point is to think about how your business engages with people.

Think about why you established your business in the first place. Explain the purpose of your product/service and what motivated you to fill that market need. Allow that message to permeate through everything that you do.

[tweet_dis_img]Creating genuine experiences should be a focus for businesses.[/tweet_dis_img]

Give practical advice, listen to what your audience/clients have to say and take a genuine interest. Offer advice or insight in your content which can make a positive impact on your end user.

So make sure that your article, podcast, news stream or tweet serves a purpose; because if it isn’t delivering your business objectives then you really need to question whether it is the right thing to put out there. Ultimately you want your content to show heart, add value and shed some light on the people who are behind what’s being written.

It’s an easy instinct for smaller businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to sometimes try to secure that sale too quickly. That can damage your authenticity.

It’s been shown that our buying decisions are dictated by the overall sales experience the buyer goes through, not necessarily by price or brand, and so how we engage with potential customers plays a huge part in that whole process. In order to win hearts and minds your content should influence people in the right way. If you are authentic in your approach, if you genuinely believe that your product/service will make a positive impact, then you can go into that dialogue with strong authenticity, no hidden agendas and a level playing field of mutual respect.

[tweet_dis_img]Business authenticity leads to more customer purchases.[/tweet_dis_img]

Genuine business authenticity is about changing the emphasis to giving, rather than taking, and this is key when looking at the value of online content. If you are authentic then people will believe in you. And benefits everyone.

And make sure that every market touchpoint with your business is consistent. Every message and messenger is signed up to the same.

This article was written by Rachel Furniss.

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